Sabri Ülker

Industrialist, Businessperson

12 June, 2012
School of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Businessman, founder of Ülker Group (B. 1920, Crimea – d. 12 June 2012, Istanbul). He is the son of a father, who had studied school-teaching and imam hatip in İstanbul Fatih Madrassahs, and a mother, who was the daughter of a teacher. He migrated to Turkey with his family in August 1929. After graduating from Kadırga Primary School, he attended İstanbul Erkek High School, Bilecik High School and Kütahya High School. He wanted to become an engineer, but the circumstances were not convenient. He graduated from School of Economics and Administrative Sciences. He worked in Besler Biscuit Factory during summer holidays. These works were the most determinant factors of his life. After finishing school, he started producing biscuits together with a foreman, whom he knew from the workmanship. The production of baked products including biscuits, cakes and pastries, which were prohibited during World War II, were then being set free. He purchased an old factory and started business totally with loan. He worked day and night, and turned a whole scrap into an operable factory. Then he realized his project to distribute his biscuits all around the country. Sabri Ülker thus introduced the biscuit taste to the Turkish people. In 2001 Sabri Ülker, the owner of Ülker Group, purchased Faisal Finans from the Kombassan Group together with a USA company, and changed it as “Family Finans”. Sabri Ülker, always prioritized quality and research even under most modest conditions. This principal allowed him to globalize. Ülker continues to be the number one in biscuit and chocolate market in Turkey with exports of 150 million USD to 78 countries and turnover exceeding 1 billion USD.


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