Fatmagül Berktay

Siyaset Bilimci

05 Mayıs, 1950
Ankara University Faculty of Political Science
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Fatmagül Berktay Baltalı

Researcher and writer (b. May 1950, Manisa). Her full name is Fatmagül Berktay (Baltalı). She attended Ankara Kavaklıdere Primary School, Turkish Education Foundation Ankara College. She graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science. She completed her doctorate studies at University of York, in the United Kingdom. Her master thesis was on “Women and Religion.” She worked as a consultant to the Prime Ministry Environment Undersecretary (1980-84), and as a research assistant at İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Philosophy (1991-95). In 1996 she became a teacher at İstanbul University, Faculty of Political Information, Department of International Relations. She is still the head of the Main Science Branch of Political Science at İstanbul University, Faculty of Political Knowledge. In addition, she gives lectures on Feminist Theories at the M. A. Program of Ege University Women’s Studies Centre.

Her articles have been published in the reviews Saçak, Toplumsal Tarih, Defter, Virgül, Kadın Araştırmaları Dergisi, İstanbul SBF Dergisi, Tarih ve Toplum since 1984. She is a member of Writers Syndicate of Turkey, the Foundation of Economic and Social History (founder member) and the Foundation of Societal Studies (founder member).


ESSAY-RESEARCH: Kadın Olmak, Yaşamak, Yazmak (Being a Woman, Living, Writing, 1991), Tektanrılı Dinler Karşısında Kadın (The Position of Women in Monotheist Religions, 1996), Kadın ve Din (Women and Religion 1998).

She has also translated from English.



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