Fatma Şahin

Chemical Engineer, Minister, Politician

20 June, 1966
Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Chemical-Metallurgical Engineering Department of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineer; Politician, the Minister of Family and Social Policies. She was born on June 20th, 1966 in Gaziantep. Her father’s name is Mustafa, her mother’s name is Perihan. After her primary and secondary educations, she finished Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Chemical-Metallurgical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering. She worked as an Operating Engineer and Operating Manager in SANKO Holding. She was elected as Gaziantep Congressman in 22nd and 23rd Terms.  She is the Minister of Family and Social Policies in the 61st government.

She is the first female congressman, who was elected for two successive periods in Gaziantep and the region.

Fatma Şahin was the Member of Turkey – EU Joint Parliamentary Commission in XXII. Term. She carried out the Presidency of Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Honor Crimes and Violence Against Children Research Commission. She was the General Vice President in AK Party Women’s Branches for one term responsible for the organization and for one term responsible for political affairs. She worked in Parliamentary Inquiry Commission and in Tuz Lake Investigation Commission. She was elected to Central Executive Committee in AK Party 2nd Ordinary Congress.

As the President of Head Office Women’s Branch, she brought 3000 women, who were delegated in the organization, to the Head Office in Ankara and enabled them to get training on various issues. The trainers were mainly consisting of AK Party General Vice President and Ministers.

The first international assembly in the AK Party was realized by Head Office’s Women’s Branch under the Presidency of Fatma Şahin. Total 3 international assemblies were held every year during her Presidency.

The Ministry of Family and Social Affairs, of which the first Minister was Fatma Şahin, was established in 2011 in the 61st Turkish Republic Government. This Ministry replaced the Turkish Social Service and Children Protection Institution in the previous governments.

The first female Congressman of Gaziantep and the first female Minister of the Southeast Anatolia Region, who has a good command of English, is married and has two children.



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