Ahmet Günbaş

Yazar, Şair

30 Ocak, 1953
Ege University School of Journalism

Poet and writer (b. 30 January 1953, İzmir). He was educated in İzmir. He graduated from Ege University, School of Journalism (1976). He held various posts in the Union of Press, Printing, Graphic and Packaging Industry Workers of Turkey and the Union of Tobacco, Alcoholic Beverage, Food and Related Industry Workers of Turkey from 1973. He retired from the Tobacco, Tobacco Products, Salt and Alcohol Enterprises Inc. in 1999.

His first article, Düşünmeye Alışmak (Getting Used to Thinking), was an essay that was published in the newspaper Demokrat İzmir. Later on, his poems, reviews and research were published in the reviews Dönemeç (as the editor, first issue in March 1976), Agora (founder), Ünlem, Ardıçkuşu, Kıyı, Damar, Edebiyat Gündemi, Dize, Cumhuriyet Kitap and Dünya Kitap. He was also a founder of the review Agora, published in January 2000. He collected the Youth Award given by the review Yarın in 1982 with his articles about Enver Gökçe. He received an honorable mention in the 1979 Hasan Tahsin Poetry Contest with his poem Bir Hasan Tahsin (One Hasan Tahsin), the 1998 İbrahim Yıldız Poetry Award, the Şinasi Özdenoğlu Poetry Contest organized by the Mulkiye Alumni in 2000 and third prize at the Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Poetry Contest on the theme of Bursa organized by the Bursa Osmangazi Municipality. In 2003 with his book, Aşk Boyu Sürgün (Exile for Love), he shared the Behçet Aysan Award with Tevfik Taş. He is a member of Turkish Association of Writers. In 1976 he stood trial at the Bornova Penal Courts of Peace due to his poem Yürüyüş (March) with the charge that he encouraged people to rebel, but he was later acquitted.


POETRY: Evren Mapusanesi (The Prison of the Universe, 1974), Gecenin Neresindesin (Where are You of the Night, 1986), Göçkün (Nomad, 1997), Sulardan Sonra (After the Water, 1999), Mustafa Kemaller Erken Büyür (Mustafa Kemals Grow up Quickly, for children, 2000), Aşk Boyu Sürgün (Exile for Love, 2001).

COLLECTION: Ender Sarıyatı (Ender Sarıyatı, poems, edited and published, 2000).

NARRATIVE: Miço Diye Biri (Someone Called Miço, 2002).



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