Mehmet İzzet Hattat

Ressam, Hattat, Şair

Baghdad Fine Arts Institute

Poet, artist and calligrapher (B.  1929, Kirkuk/Iraq- D. 1991, Iraq). After he completed his primary and secondary education in Kirkuk, he completed Baghdad Fine Arts Institute and began to work as a teacher in 1952. His interest and talent particularly on lettering and almost about every field of fine arts, was known with his folk songs.

Hattat was extremely sensitive about the problems of society; he wrote mostly on religion and love and also about politics and his religious poems were welcomed respectfully in Islamic ceremonies. The effect of another Turkmen Poet Mehmet Sadık’s can be seen on his poems and his natural imitations in love poems, his way of expressing his ideas clearly reminds us Karacaoğlan.  He was telling that he wrote his poems for public and with nationalist feelings. Above his poet identity, Mehmet Zeki Hattat was an educator. He had an important role on Turkmen youth’s education with certain aims.

WORKS (Poetry):

Mehmet İzzet Hattat Şiirler (Bağdat, 2007), Mehmet İzzet Hattat Şiir ve Hoyratları (Kerkük, 2007).

REFERENCE: Şemsettin Küzeci / Kerkük Şairleri (2006).


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