Sabahattin Teoman

Bürokrat, Şair

31 Mart, 1914
Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences

Poet (b. 10 May 1914, Dervişali / Fatih / İstanbul). He graduated first from İstanbul High School (1935) and then from the Political Science Avanced School (1939). He worked as an examiner, section director, and assistant to the general manager at the General Directorate of the Ministry of Finance. In addition, he worked as the General Manager of Customs at the Ministry of Customs and Monopolies (1960-1962); as the Head of the Industry Office at the Ministry of Industry (1962-1965) and was a representative at the Common Market in Brussels (1965-68). While he was a member of Examination Committee of the Ministry of Finance, he officially retired. Then he became the General Secretary of the Union of Turkish Associations (1971-72), member of the Executive Board of the Iron and Steel Organization (1973-74), member of the Executive Board of Petrochemical Holdings and member of the academic staff of the English Philology Department at Hacettepe University.

 His first article was published in the newspaper Vakit in 1930. From the 1940s, he published his poems and articles in the periodicals Varlık, Büyük Doğu, Doğuş, Hep Bu Topraktan, İstanbul, Ülkü, Yaratış, Yücel and Şadırvan.

WORKS (Poetry):

Rıhtım Sisleri (Fog on the Dock, 1943), Beşinci Mevsim (The Fifth Season, 1953).




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