Ahmed-i Cezırî

Mutasavvıf, Şair

Mystic- poet (B. 1570, Cizre/Şırnak- D. 1640, Cizre). He began his education with his father and then he continued his education with famous mullah Taha. After he received his permission, he taught to students in Hasankeyf and then until his death, he worked as a mudarris (religious teacher) in his madrasah named Crimson Madrasah in Cizre, and he was buried here.

He was a strong aruz prosody poet, he wrote his poems about mysticism, aphorism and philosophy in Kurdish, and collected poems. His poems were in lyric and eulogy styles and they are memorized in Eastern Schools.

REFERENCE: İhsan Işık (TEKA, 2009).


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