Mehmet Elkatmış

İnsan Hakları Savunucusu, Milletvekili, Hukukçu, Siyasetçi

14 Ocak, 1947
Ankara University Faculty of Law

Defender of human rights, jurist and politician. He was born on the 14th of January 1947 in Nar town of Nevşehir. His father is Ahmet Bey, his mother Şeküre Hanım. After completing the primary and secondary schools in his birthplace, he completed Nevşehir High School. He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law. Upon finishing his lawyer internship he started to work as a freelance lawyer in Nevşehir. Starting from his university years, he was a founder, executive board member and president in numerous non-governmental organizations such as Milli Türk Talebe Birliği (T.N. National Turkish Students Association) (MTTB) and Milli Gençlik Vakfı (T.N. National Youth Foundation) (MGV). In general elections of 1991 and 1995 he was elected a parliament member of Refah Party (RP) from Nevşehir and entered the parliament. Upon the closure of this party he became one of the founders of Fazilet Party (FP). In 1999 he was reelected parliament member of Fazilet Party from Nevşehir. After the closure of Fazilet Party as well, he became one of the founders of Justice and Development Party (AKP). In general elections of 2002 he was reelected parliament member of this party from Nevşehir. In elections of 22 July 2007 he was not put as a candidate.

 Mehmet Elkatmış served as a secretary member in the Presidency Council of Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM), administrator and president of TBMM Human Rights Watch Commission. During “Refah-Yol” coalition government he presided TBMM Susurluk Investigation Commission. During these duties he made active and efficient services. His name was heard more often by the public thanks to his works and attempts concerning the operation to save the soldiers taken captive by the terrorist organization PKK. He received a deserved reputation in the society as a politician who is sensitive to national and international incidents, honest and brave. During the Iraq invasion of USA he showed reaction to international organizations about their remaining silent to abuses of prisoners in Iraq.

He was a sensitive person about human rights at home and in the world. As a result of this he stated that the war years are the ones in which human rights are most violated;

He defended the following opinion: “Nowadays there are many wars in different places of the world and because of these wars there are many human rights violations. Nevertheless, Western countries which introduce themselves to the world as defenders of human rights, as we can see right now, are the biggest violators of human rights.”

 Elkatmış gave interesting information about which secret incidents would be revealed after Susurluk file is opened which appeared in 1990s during the rule of Refah Party (RP) under the leadership of Necmettin Erbakan and Doğru Yol Party (DYP) under the leadership of Tansu Çiller within a coalition. He summarized his opinion on this issue as following:

Mehmet Elkatmış was not nominated as a candidate in 2007 general elections by his party. During his political career he undertook important duties such as TBMM Susurluk Investigation Commission Presidency, Human Rights Watch Commission Presidency, aside from his Parliament Membership. The view is widespread that Mehmet Elkatmış was cast out because he was an honest and sensitive politician about certain issues. 

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