Roni Margulies


Robert College

Poet and writer (b. 5 May 1955, İstanbul). He graduated from Robert College. He completed his higher education in England. He studied economics in London where he went for university education in 1972 but he chose not to work in this field. He has lived in London since 1972 and works in the areas of politics and translation. He is a member of the Socialist Workers Party of England and the Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party of Turkey.

His poems and poem translations have appeared in various periodicals Soyut, Tan, Defter and Gergedan since 1975. He shared the Yunus Nadi Poem Award with Ahmet Necdet with his book Saat Farkı (The Time Difference).


POETRY: Her Rind Bilir (Every Bohemian Dervish Would Know, 1991), Gün Ortasında (At Midday, 1992), Mağrur Olma Padişahım (Be Modest, My Sultan, 1994), Bilirim Niye Yanık Öter Ney (I Know Why the Flute Sounds So Sad, 1996), Elsa (Elsa, 2000), Uzaklıklar (Remoteness, 2000), Saat Farkı (The Time Difference, 2002).

MEMOIR: Gülümser Çocukluğum Ardımdan (After My Smiling Childhood).

His translations from English have also been published.




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