Mehmet Akan

Oyuncu, Oyun Yazarı

05 Aralık, 1939

Playwright and actor (b. 5 December 1939, Birecik / Şanlıurfa). He received primary and secondary education in Birecik and attended the Haydarpaşa High School in İstanbul. While studying at his fourth semester at Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, he gave up his studies and concentrated on theatre.

 In 1959 he joined the Youth Players Company and appeared in the plays staged by this company such as Kiraz Çiçek Açıyor (The Cherry is Flourishing, 1961) Aykırı Dal Üstüne (On the Different Branch, 1962) Akçagüler ile Karagülmez (Akçagüler and Karagülmez). After studying folkloric dance and ballet, he began to work as an actor, director and choreographer in Gülriz Sururi-Engin Cezzar Theatre (1968). In 1968 his play called Ham Hum Şaralop (The Tricky and Fast Work) was staged by the Ulvi Uraz Company. Akan established the Hasat Folklore Dance Company. His play Fatoş'a Sesli Mektuplar (Voice Letters to Fatoş) was broadcast by the Radio Sound of Turkey. In addition, he has appeared in two cinema films, Aaahh! Belinda  (Ah Belinda) and Teyzem (My Aunt) directed by Atıf Yılmaz and Halit Refiğ. Also he has appeared in a TV series called Bizimkiler (Our Set) that has been running since 1986. He is a member of the Theater Actors Association and Contemporary Cinema Actors Association. With his work Hikâye-i Mahmud Bedreddin (The Story of Mahmud Bedreddin) he won the Ulvi Uraz Best Director Award and the same award from the Ankara Art Appreciation Association as well as the Best Play Award at the İsmet Küntay Play Awards.

WORKS (Play):

Hikâye-i Mahmud Bedreddin (The Story of Mahmud Bedreddin, 1983), Toplu Oyunlar 1 (Collected Plays I: Hikâye-i Mahmud Bedreddin - The Story of Mahmud Bedreddin, Analık Davası – Motherhood Lawsuit, Midirfillik Oyunu - The Play of Midirfillik, 1993).



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