Sufi, scholar, poet, calligrapher, musician (B 1075 AH / 1664 MD, in Tokat – 1158 AH / 1745 MD, Istanbul). He is from a family originated in Diyarbakir and his father and grandfather are from Diyarbakir. As his father was deported, he was born in Tokat. Sultan Murad the Fourth was concerned about the proliferation of followers of Sheikh Seyyid Aziz Mahmud Urmevi in Diyarbekir; and considered that as a threat to his reign. Therefore Sultan executed Sheikh Seyyid Aziz Mahmud Urmevi and some of his disciples in Diyarbekir upon his way back from Baghdad Campaign in 1638. As many of the disciples did, Derwish Hasan has left Diyarbekir an settled in Tokat. This person's son Mehmed Emin Efendi (1075 H. (1664) was born in Tokat.

He was named as Tokadi as he was born in Tokat and then he settled into Istanbul and lived there until the end of his life. Mehmed Emin Efendi is one of the greatest Naqshbandi sheikhs; and his identity goes with "Ebû Temâne" and "Ebû Mansûr" and both his father and his grandfather Nakkas Omer are from Diyarbakir.

Mehmed Emin Efendi, after completing his education in Tokat, has went to Istanbul and settled in a cell named Sogukkuyu next to Piri Pasha Madrasah. Because he had a very good voice, he also took lessons from the music-master, he joined the ranks of renowned sound and composing artists. He gave lessons to the children of some statesmen. Dâmâd-Mehmedpaşazâde, Ali İzzet are some examples. He went to Edirne , then reached to Hijaz and became a Pilgrim, remained in Mecca for three years.


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