Mefküre Mollova

Akademisyen, Şair

Sofia University Department of French Philology
Diğer İsimler
Mefküre Mollaoğlu, Mefküre Rıza Mollova, Mefkküre Molla

Poet, academician. She was born in Bulgaria / Hacioglu Pazarcigi (Dobric) in 1927. She is among the Patzinak Turks who have migrated from Kastamonu to Deliorman region before the Gagauz.  After completing the primary and secondary school where she was born; she then completed the French College in Varna and completed her education at Sofia University, Department of French Philology.

After graduating from university, she worked as a public servant and worked in the newspaper named "Eylülcü Çocuk". She taught Contemporary Turkish Language and Turkish Dialectics in Sofia University. By the end of 1960, she was dismissed from the university with her husband as part of a policy named cleansing the university from Turks.

She began with her literary studies at a very young age and her first poem named "Peace" was published in "Yeni Işık" newspaper in 1949 with the pseudonym Nesrin. The soul of a woman, the warmth and purity of love and short but concise style is very remarkable in her poetry. She continued to publish her poems in newspapers and journals such as "Demet" and "Kaynak". Her book named "Şiirler" was published in 1964. She has a book named "Bilmeceler", that was published in 1958.

Mefkure Molla is a unique poet and also a valuable academic researcher. She focused on every issue related with the Turks of Bulgaria and obtained new findings as a result of her studies. There are common studies she has conducted with her husband Riza Mollaoglu. M. Turker Acaroglu says: "Mrs. Mefkure Mollova, a researcher from Bulgarian Turks (...) clearly argues that the Deliorman Turks are Turkish tribe that arrived from the south (Turkey)." Yordanka Bibina says: "Her scientific articles have made her very famous in Linguistics and Turcology worldwide".

She had lived through very tragic days in Bulgaria during the days of totalitarian government. Her husband Assoc. Dr. Rıza Mollaoglu passed away and Sofia kept her concerned; so she immigrated to France (1989). She still lives there. She has contributed a lot to Turkic world with her universal research and her services are very important for the whole Turkic world. 

MAJOR WORKS (Variant): Bilmeceler (Sofya 1958), Şiirler (Sofya 1964), Şark Kavimlerinden Geçen Bazı Bulgar Ad ve Soyadları (İstanbu 1976), Balkanlar’da Türkçe Ağızları (İstanbul 1974).

REFERENCE: İbrahim Tatarliev / Antologiya 3./ 1944’ten sonra Bulgaristan Türklerinin Edebiyatı (Sayfa 1960), M. Türker Acaroğlu / Bulgaristan’da Türkçe Yer Adları Klavuzu (Ankara 1988), Memet Çavuş / 20. Yüzyıl Bulgaristan Türkleri Şiiri (Antoloji, 1988 İstanbul), Hayriye Süleymanoğlu Yenisoy / Türkiye Dışındaki Türk Edebiyatları Antolojisi 8: Bulgaristan Türk Edebiyatı (Ankara 1997), Niyazi Hüseyin Bahtiyar / Balkanlar’da Türk Ünlüleri (ikinci kitap, 2002), İhsan Işık / Resimli ve Metin Örnekli Türkiye Edebiyatçılar ve Kültür Adamları Ansiklopedisi (C. 12, 2017).


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