Ahmed Hulusi

Tasavvufçu, Gazeteci, Yazar

21 Ocak, 1945
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Ahmed Hulusi Akten

There is no biography in his books. His real name is unknown. In the “Who is Ahmed Hulusi?” part of his web site, the following is written:

It is stated in his web site that all the information has been prepared “for the sake of God”, that his works do not have copyrights and that anyone who wishes can publish and translate them without any charge provided that they comply with the original. It is stated in the letter he sent to his readers on the Internet on 22 May 2000 that his first book was published in 1965 and that Hulusi lives in South Carolina in the United States.


Cuma Sohbetleri (Friday Conversations), Dini Yanlış Anlayanlar (Those Who Misunderstand the Religion), İslâm (Islam), Allah, Sistemin Seslenişi 1-2 (Allah, the Call of the System 1-2), Okyanus Ötesinden 1-2-3 (Beyond the Ocean 1-2-3), Dua ve Zikir (Prayer and Praise), Temel Esaslar (Basic Principles), Tecelliyat (Fate), Muhammed Neyi Okudu (What Did Muhammed Read?), Akıl ve İman (Mind and Faith), Kendini Tanı (Know Yourself), Tek'in Seyri (The Spiritual Progress of One), İnsan ve Sırları 1-2 (Humans and Their Secrets), Gavsiye Açıklaması (Explanation of the Saints), Muhammed Mustafa 1-2 (Muhammed Mustafa 1-2), Ebubekr es Sıddık (The First Caliph Ebubekr es Sıddık), Evrensel Sırlar (Universal Secrets), Dost’tan Dosta (From Friend to Friend), Ruh İnsan Cin (Spirit, Human, Demon), Ahmed Hulusi'de Kavramlar (Concepts in Ahmed Hulusi), Mesajlar (Messages), Son Sözümüz (Our Last Word), Yaşamın Gerçeği (The Reality Of Life, 2002).  

PAMPHLET: Çağdaş Bakışla Din (Religion with a Modern View), Farkın Farkında mısınız? (Are You Aware of the Difference?), Ölüm ve Ötesi (Death and Beyond), Reenkarnasyon (Reincarnation), Cin ve Büyü Nedir? (What are Demons and Spells?).



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