Faruk Sükan

Bakan, Milletvekili, Devlet Adamı, Siyasetçi

03 Ocak, 2005
Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine
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Mehmet Faruk Sükan

Politician and statesman, deputy, minister (B. 1920, Konya D. January 03, 2005, Ankara.) His full name is Mehmet Faruk Sukan. While he was the Minister of Interior, he made the rooms of deputies to be searched and therefore he was named as "Super Inspector". He graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine (1946) and became an expert of Internal Diseases. He worked as government physician and Konya Ereğlisi Mayor from Democrat Party (1957-1960). He was elected as deputy from Konya for JP (1961). He was the Minister of Health and Social Aid during Suat Hayri Ürgüplü government (1965) and Minister of Interior during the Süleyman Demirel government (1965-1968).

Faruk Sukan was among the founders of Democratic Party at the end of 1970s and he became the general secretary. He was the Minister of State and Vice Prime Minister in the coalition government established by Bülent Ecevit in 1978. He quit politics on September 12, 1980. Sukan spoke French, he was married and father of four.

REFERENCE: Eski Bakan Faruk Sükan vefat etti (Radikal, 4 January 2005). 



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