Composer of Turkish Classic Music and tambour player (B. 1894, Istanbul – D. 1954, Istanbul).  Her mother was Şem-i Nur Hanım, her father was Faik Bey, one of the chamberlains of Abdülhamit II. Her mother is also the sister of Fahire Fersan, an interpreter of Turkish Classic Music and sister-in-law of Refik Fersan, a composer. She could develop herself in her profession thanks to the understanding of her husband Ruhi Bey. With his support she learnt to play tambour and attracted attention of music environments with her skill. Music masters of that period did not delay to notice the skill of this young lady and helped her to develop her skills. She took tambour lessons from Tamburî Cemil Bey and benefited from İsmail Hakkı Bey and Enderunlu Hafız Hüsnü Bey.

Faize Engin who learnt to play tambour in this way attracted attention of music environments with her competence and skill she obtained in a short time. She started to compose with her first work at maqam of Şedaraban and her first composition with the lyrics “Bade-i Vuslat İçilsin Kâse-i Fağfurdan” was a great success. It deserved to be mentioned as a sample of perfection in its field. The number of masters who accepted it as a magnum opus is not small.

Faize Engin as a tambour performer who also attracted attention and was appreciated with her competence in playing and interpretations composed a song titled “Kız Sen Geldin Çerkeş’ten” in maqam of Nihavend, which granted her great reputation. This composition, which protected its popularity for a long time, received the appreciation of almost all environments at the time of the artist. It is still being played with even more frequency.

Faize Engin passed away in 1954 in Istanbul. Her main compositions are “Bade-i Vuslat İçilsin Kâse-i Fağfurdan” (Her first composition. Lyrics belong to Şeyh Abdülbaki Baykara.)”, “Severim Her Güzeli Senden Eserdir Diyerek (hicazkâr)”, “Kız Sen Geldin Çerkeş’ten (nihavend)”

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