Faik Reşat

Yazar, Şair

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Ahmed (real name)

Poet and writer (b. 1851, İstanbul - d. 1914). His real name was Ahmet. He is also known as İhya Efendi Hafidi. He finished his schooling early and learnt Arabic and Persian by himself. He worked in various state jobs. He was appointed as editorial writer of the newspaper Takvim-i Vekayi with the support of Ahmet Mithat Efendi. He served as a director of education in Diyarbakır, Van and Yahya. After he was suspended from his job, he continued writing and teaching in İstanbul.

After the declaration of the Constitutional Monarchy, he became the director of Takvim-i Vekayi for the second time. He worked as a lecturer of literature at İstanbul University. His grave is in Erenköyü.

Faik Reşat, who collected his poems in the book Güldeste (Bouquet), is mainly known for his research on the history of literature and especially Divan* Poetry. He produced fifteen books in addition to anthologies and textbooks.


Güldeste (Bouquet, poetry), Tarih-i Edebiyat-ı Osmaniye (The History of Ottoman Literature, 1912), Eslâf/şair ve ulema biyografileri, (Biographies of Poets and Lecturers, two volumes, 1894, 1976; simplified by Şemsettin Kutlu, 1974), Teracim-i Ahval (Situation of Translations, 1897), Gencine-i Letaif (The Treasure of Beauty) Mükemmel Osmanlı Lugati, Muhtasar ve Musavver Tarih-i Osmanî (Abridged Ottoman History with Illustrations), Hazine-i Müntehabat (The Chosen Treasure), Usul-i Kıraat (Reading Method), Külliyat, Külliyat-ı Letaif, Nümune-i Şiir ve İnşa (Examples of Poetry and Prose), Nesir ve Kitabet (Prose and Composition).


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