Mazlum Kenan Köstekçi


26 Eylül, 1910
13 Haziran, 1936

Poet (b. 26 September 1910, Çorum - d. 13 June 1936). Known with the pen name Mazlum Kenan, Ömer Mazlum was a Köstekçioğulları, one of the Çorum’s oldest families. After completing primary education in 1923, he attended the Mıntaka Agricultural Operational School. He completed the Village Teachers’ Courses in Ankara in 1927 and worked as a teacher in the Doğla and Karapınar villages in Çorum (1928-29). He stayed at a sanatorium for a while for the treatment of his tuberculosis, which he contracted at Sivas Teacher Training School. His treatment continued in different hospitals between 1933 and 1936. He died of tuberculosis at Çorum Memleket Hospital when he was only 26.

Mazlum Kenan, who was known for his sensitive personality, wrote his poems at the hospitals he stayed in (sanatoriums in Burgazada and Heybeliada and at Cerrahpaşa Hospital). When his poems were published six years after his death, they attracted huge attention from young poets and were collected in a book with the title Zakkum Çiçekleri (Flowers of Oleander) in 1947. According to Abdullah Rıza Ergüven, “The first of our most lyrical poets is probably Mazlum Kenan.”


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