Mahmut Sami Ramazanoğlu

Alim, Mutasavvıf

12 Şubat, 1984
Istanbul University Faculty of Law

Theosopher and scholar (b. 1892, Adana - d. 12 February 1984, Madina). He attended primary and elementary school in Adana and graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Law. He attended the Gümüşeli dervish convent for some time however later on he was attached to the Şeyh of the Kelâmî convent and to Erbilli Es'âd Efendi, the Head of the Sufi Assembly. Then he went to Adana where he was given a teaching post. Following the closure of the dervish convents, he continued in his post of preacher and earned his living as a bookkeeper in the timber trade. He refused a considerable legacy from his father, as he wanted to make a living on his own. During his years in Adana, he spent the winters in the city center and the summers in the plains of Namrun and Kızıldağ. Sometimes he went to tranquil places like Talas and Yeşilhisar in Kayseri in summer. In 1946, when the prohibition on pilgrimage was terminated, he went to Mecca for the first time. He went to İstanbul in 1951 and after two years here, he went on pilgrimage during season of 1953. On his return, he went to Damascus with his friend Saraç Mehmet Efendi from Konya and settled there. Later, his family and his son-in-law joined him there. After nine months he returned to İstanbul again and settled initially in Beyazıt-Laleli and then in Erenköy.

During his years in İstanbul, he continued his job as teacher, giving sermons and organizing debates, as he did in Adana and made his living bookkeeping for a company in Tahtakale. Many people from different levels of society, including the rich and the poor, the workers and the merchants, the officers and the traders, the factory owners, all benefited from his sermons, conversations and guidance. He lived in isolation in his later years, as his fame had grown widely and a great interest in him had developed. He only kept in touch with his close friends at prayer and ritual worship, in Ramadan and during private conversations. In 1957, when his relatives suggested a grave in Eyüp Sultan to him, he said, “If everything that we wish for is realized, then I wish to be in Cennetü'l-Bâkî.” What he wished for was realized and he was buried in Cennetü’l Bâkî graveyard, after his death on 12 February 1984.


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