Macit Gökberk

Felsefe Tarihçisi

15 Ağustos, 1993
Istanbul University Faculty of Literature Department of Philosophy

Historian of philosophy (b. 1908, Thessaloniki - d. 15 August 1993, İstanbul). He attended the İstanbul High Schools for Boys, and graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Philosophy (1932). After he had become a research assistant in the department that he had graduated from, he received his PhD at Berlin University to where he was sent (1935-40). When he returned, he became an associate professor (1941) and professor (1949) and retired in 1978. Beside philosophy, he was involved with language studies and debates. He defended the view “Those who are against New Turkish are against the Atatürk Revolution”. He was the Chairman of the Turkish Religious Foundation for two periods (1954-60, 1969-76). His articles and essays were published in the reviews and newspapers, Felsefe Arkivi (1949-72), Açılış (1952), Türk Dili (1952), Pınar (1964), Yeni Ufuklar (1966), İstanbul Üniversitesi Bülteni (1978), Bağlam (1981), Gösteri (1981-86) and Cumhuriyet.

WORKS (Essay-Research):

Kant ile Herder'in Tarih Anlayışları (Kant and Herder’s Understanding of History, 1948), Die Wirsencschaft von der Gasellschaft im System Hegels un Auguste Comtes (The Systems of Hegel and Augusts Comte, 1960), Felsefe Tarihi (The History of Philosophy, 1961; republished, 1980), Felsefe'nin Evrimi (The Evolution of Philosophy, 1979), Değişen Dünya Değişen Dil (The Changing World, the Changing Language, 1980), Aydınlanma Felsefesi, Devrimler ve Atatürk (Enlightening Philosophy, Revolutions and Atatürk, 1983). 



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