M. Uğur Derman

Ebru Sanatçısı, Hattat, Yazar

Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy

Calligraphy and marbling artist, researcher and writer (b. 1935, Bandırma / Balıkesir). He graduated from Haydarpaşa High School (1953) and Istanbul University, Faculty of Pharmacy (1960). He has been the General Secretary of the Turkish Petrol Foundation since 1977 and an advisor at the Islam History, Art and Cultural Research Centre since 1981 after having worked as a pharmacist in İstanbul for fifteen years.

After 1955, Derman became the student of Master Necmettin Okyay (1883- 1976) in calligraphy and other book arts and gained a certificate in 1960. He worked in the same field as Süheyl Ünver (1898-1986), Macid Ayral (1891-1961) and Halim Özyazıcı (1898-1964).

M. Uğur Derman, a respected calligraphy and marbling artist with many great works in his field, has given graduate and postgraduate lectures of calligraphy and book arts at the Faculties of Fine Arts at Marmara University (1985- 89) and Mimar Sinan University (1989).

He has written more than 300 articles, encyclopedia entries and papers related to his field since 1961. His articles on calligraphy and marbling arts have been published in the reviews İslâm Düşüncesi (1967-69), Hayat (1967-72), Hayat Tarih (1969-73), İlgi (1974-81) and Lâle (1981-89). He has written articles for the encyclopedias Türk Ansiklopedisi (1969-80) and Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı İslâm Ansiklopedisi. He was given the title of honorary professor by Mimar Sinan University in 1997. He received the Writers Union of Turkey Eminent Services Award in 2002 for his Services to Turkish Culture and Art.


Elli Sanatsever Serisi (Fifty Art Lovers Series, 1962-66), Türk Sanatında Ebrû (Marbling in Turkish Art, 1977), Türk Hat Sanatının Şaheserleri (Masterpieces of Turkish Calligraphy Art, 1982), İslâm Kültür Mirasında Hat Sanatı (The Art of Calligraphy in the Heritage of Islamic Culture, 1992; translated and published in Arabic in 1990, Japanese in 1996 and Malay in 2000), Osmanlı Hat Sanatı (Ottoman Calligraphy Art, 2001; translated into English in 1998 and 2000, French in 2000 and German in 2001).



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