M. Saim Yeprem

Kelam Bilgini, Felsefeci

23 Ocak, 1941
Istanbul University Faculty of Literature and the Faculty of Law Department of Philosophy
Diğer İsimler
Mustafa Saim Yeprem

A kalam scholar, legist. He was born in Istanbul on January 23rd, 1941. His full name is Mustafa Saim Yeprem. He graduated from Fatih I. Primary School (1951), from İstanbul İmam Hatip High School (1959) and from Pertevniyal High School in year later. He attended the Department of Philosophy at the Faculty of Literature and the Faculty of Law, Istanbul University and in 1963 he graduated from Yüksek İslam Institute, Istanbul. While he was doing his doctorate on Arabic Language and Literature at the Faculty of Literature, Istanbul University, he attended the Faculty of Literature, University of Baghdad in 1970 for a year. Upon his return, he resumed his doctorate study at Istanbul University. In 1977, he was appointed to İstanbul Yüksek İslam Institute as an Assistant of Kalam and Islamic Thought. He was became a doctor in 1983 with his theses on İrâde Hürriyeti ve İmam Mâturîdî” at Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences, after it was turned into the Faculty of Theology of Marmara University in 1982 with the legislative decree numbered 41 in 1982. He became an assistant professor the same year and a professor in 1992.

In 1959, he began to work in the service of office of Eminönü Mufti, Istanbul. He reigned from this duty in 1963 when he was appointed to Ministry of National Education’s teacher staff. He taught Arabic Language and Literature and Vocational Courses in Düzce İmam Hatip High School and he was also the principal of the school. He completed his mandatory military duty in Izmir and Kars between the years of 1966 and 1968 as reserve officer. Upon his return, he continued teaching vocational courses in İstanbul İmam Hatip High School.

While he was working at İstanbul İmam Hatip High School, he was appointed to the Department of Collection and Publishing, Presidency of Religious Affairs in 1972. He also worked at Religious Publications Directorate of Circulating Capital, Istanbul Archive of Şerriye (Islamic law) Registration. He was a Prayer Times Calculation expert, President of Koran Analyzing Committee and director of the Library of Presidency of Religious Affairs.

            In 1975, he resigned from his duty in the Presidency of Religious Affairs and returned to his teaching career to teach vocational courses in Kadıköy İmam Hatip High School. In 1976-77, he was appointed to İstanbul Yüksek İslam Institute as an assistant of Kalam and Islamic Thought; and promoted as the Lecturer of Kalam and Islamic Thought upon having completed his studies.

He was also the vice-principal, head assistant and principal of İstanbul Yüksek till 1982. When he was on this duty, he became the dean of the Faculty of Theology by proxy when the Yüksek İslam Institute joined the Marmara University on 20th July 1982. He was appointed to vice-dean and lecturer when a dean was appointed as the principal person. He had maintained his office there for twelve years besides lecturing.

Between the years of 1996 and 1999, he was the principal of Vocational Graduate School of Theology, the Faculty of Theology, Marmara University. After having continued his duty as the dean of Faculty of Theology  in the academic year pf 1999-2000, he resigned from his administrative duties and maintained his academic duties only.

Prof. Yeprem, he was appointed to the Department of Religious Affairs High Council on 4th March 2005 with the decree of Board of Ministers, while he was head of the Department of Kalam, Faculty of Theology, Marmara University. He was also the President of Department of Research and Development (ARGED) in this Council. Along with those offices, he also became the President of Committee of Science, Culture, Art and Publication, Religious Foundation of Turkey (TDV İLKSAY Kurulu). On 23rd January 2008, he got retired due to age limit, but maintained his office in TDV ILKSAY.

Throughout his career, he had worked at many educational institutions at home and abroad (such as Notre Dame De Sion). He conducted many post graduate and doctorate theses and held positions as an administrator, as a member of academic commissions and committees and as a lecturer a faculties and universities. In 2010 Academic year, he worked as a guest lecturer in Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany for one semester.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Saim Yeprem has many copyrighted and translated works and articles. He also attended many international and national congresses, councils and symposiums in the position of a communicator, debater, administrator, and evaluator.

Prof. Yeprem, whose articles were published by many magazines such as Diyanet, Nesil and Hareket, won an award in a competition held by a private organization with İrade Hürriyeti ve İmam Maturidî. He was also given the Overachievement Award by National Culture Foundation of Turkey and Marmara University. He wrote more than one hundred and fifty entries for various encyclopedias abut kalam and Islamic Thought.


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