M. Niyazi Öktem

Hukukçu, Yazar

19 Temmuz, 1944
Istanbul University Faculty of Law

Jurist and writer (b. 19 July 1944, Elazığ). He attended Katip Çelebi Primary School (1956), Galatasaray High School (1964) and graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Law (1971). He did his graduate studies at the same university (1977). His graduate thesis was “Özgürlük Sorunu ve Hukuk” (The Problem of Freedom and Law). He finished his doctorate studies in 1977 and became an assistant professor in 1981. He did his internship in Paris between 1980-81. He worked as a lecturer at İstanbul University (1972-99), dean of the Faculty of Communication at Galatasaray University (1974-77), Director of the Erol Simavi School of Communication and Education (1989-91) and executive board member at the Anatolian Agency. He was an intern at Lawrence-Kansas University in the United States in 1991. He worked as a lecturer at İstanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Political Thought and Sociology (1993-98), an advisor at the Specialist Department of the Council of Forensic Medicine of Turkey (1983-2002) and as a lecturer at İstanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Law and Department of Sociology (1998-2004).

His articles on religion and politics have been published in the newspapers Cumhuriyet, Milliyet, Güneş, Yeni Yüzyıl, Radikal and Zaman, and in the reviews İ.Ü. Hukuk Fakültesi Mecmuası, Türkiye Günlüğü, Doğu Batı, Annales de la Faculté de Droit d’İstanbul, Antik and le Monde Méditerranéen, and various compellations since 1974. He was honored with the title of Légion d’Honneur by the French Palmes Academiques in 1989. He has participated in many conferences on the relationship between religion and state and has presented numerous communiqués in his field at home and abroad. He has overseen the preparation of various graduate and doctorate theses on justice, property, media and juvenile delinquency.


RESEARCH-STUDY: Özgürlük Sorunu ve Hukuk (The Problem of Freedom and Law, 1977), Fenomenoloji ve Hukuk (Phenomenology and Law, 1981), Hukukun Özü Sorunu (The Problem of the Essence of Law, 1981), Hukuk Felsefesi ve Hukuk Sosyolojisi (The Philosophy of Law and The Sociology of Law, 1988), Sosyoloji ve Felsefenin Verileriyle Hukuk ve Devlet Felsefesi Akımları (Movements of The Philosophy of Law and State with Data from Sociology and Philosophy,  1995), Din, Laiklik ve Alevîlik Yazıları (Articles on Religion, Secularism and the Alewi Order,  1995), Felsefe, Sosyoloji, Hukuk ve Devlet (Philosophy, Sociology, Law and the State, in collaboration with Ahmet Ulvi Türkbağ, 1999), Diyalog Yazıları (Articles of Dialogue, 2001), Galatasaraylı Monsenyör (Monsignor from Galatasaray, 2001). 

COLLECTION: Hallac-ı Mansur (Hallac-ı Mansur, 1994).

In addition, he has translated works.



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