Lütfi Özkök

Fotoğraf Sanatçısı, Şair

15 Mart, 1923

Poet, photographer (b. 1923, İstanbul). He has a Tatar family coming from Crimea that migrated to İstanbul from Rumenia in 1917. He started high school at Jeanne D’Arc French College and later attended Vefa and Taksim High Schools (1942). At the beginning of 1943, he started to work as civil engineer in Vienna but later he preferred analysing the poems of German Romantics to civil engineering. He witnessed the bombardmends of allied forces there. He returned to Turkey when Turkey broke off diplomatic relations in 1943 with Nazi Germany. He completed his military service in 1946-47. Then he he went to Paris gaining a scholarsip in 1949. There he met Swedish Anne Marie and his life changed. He got married to Anne Marie and settled in Sweden in 1951. He worked as translator and photographer in Stockholm, filmed documentaries.

He published his poems and poem translations in the reviews, Yenilik, Beş Sanat, Yeditepe, Varlık. He tried to introduce Turkish and Swedish literatures to both of the countries. He collected awards with the photographs he displayed in Sweden and İstanbul and those photographs were published in well-known reviews and newspapers. The name of the second poetry book in Swedish, Vindarnas Vag (Way of the Winds) was later given to the film about him.

WORKS (Poetry):

İçimizdeki Sıla (The Homeland Inside Us, 1978), Vindarnas Vag (Way of the Winds, 1984).

In addition he has translations.



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