Lütfi Kırdar

Bakan, Belediye Başkanı, Milletvekili, Vali, Yönetici, Tıp Doktoru, Siyasetçi

15 Mart, 1888
17 Şubat, 1961
Istanbul Faculty of Medicine
Diğer İsimler
Mehmet Lütfi Kırdar, Lütfü Kırdar

Physician, administrator, former Istanbul governor and mayor, politician, deputy, Minister of Health (B. March 15, 1888, Kirkuk D. February 17, 1961, Istanbul). His full name is Mehmet Lutfi Kırdar and he is referred as Lütfi Kırdar in some resources and as Lütfi Kırdar in TGNA records. After graduating from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine (1913), he worked as a physician in Necef and Mosul which were within the borders of Turkey back then; as the Chairman of Red Crescent during the years of National Struggle, and as a physician in Izmir State Hospital after the Republic.  His administrative life began when he was appointed as the Manisa governor in 1936. Then he became the governor and mayor of Istanbul (1938-1949). During this post that lasted until 1949, he gave a huge importance to public works and was known with construction works he did. Sports and Exhibition Hall, Open Theatrer, Inonu Stadium, Taksim Gezi park were all completed during the governorship and mayorship of Lütfi Kirdar.

Lütfi Kırdar was elected as Republican People's Party (RPP) Manisa deputy in 1949 by-election; but he could not be elected into the parliament in 1950 general elections. He was elected as independent deputy in 1954 general elections from the list of Democrat Party (DP), and then he joined DP. He was the Minister of Health and Social Aid (1957-1960). He was arrested along with other DP members in May 27, 1960 Coup. He passed away during his trial in High Justice Court at Yassıada. In 1988, his name was given to the Sports and Exhibition Hall which was built during his Istanbul governorship.

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