Lütfi Fikri

Hukukçu, Gazeteci, Yazar

School of Politics, Paris Faculty of Law

     Jurist, journalist and writer (b. 1872, Gümüşhane – d. 1934, Paris). He was the son of Hüseyin Fikri Paşa, the Governor of Kosovo. He attended School of Politics (1890) and graduated from the Faculty of Law, Paris (1893). At first, since he participated in the activities of Union and Progress Party, he was imprisoned for fourteen months in the period of Abdülhamit (1895). After the Second Constitutional Monarchy, he came back from Paris and was selected as the parliamentary deputy for Dersim. He had a disagreement with the administrators of the Union and Progress Party when he opposed the tortures that were carried out on the Bekirağa Squadron and later took part in the Liberty and Entente Party.

After his Tanzîmat (1911) newspaper, which was closed down by martial law, he published ten newspapers: Zühre, Matbuat, Tanzimat, Merih, Islahat, Maşrik, Tesirat, Takdirat, Teşkilat, Teminat. Although he was elected the deputy for Dersim in the last parliament of the Ottoman Empire, he resigned when he saw that the Unionists were in the majority. He defended the Constitutional Monarchy and the division of power in the constitution in 1922. When he published his article, Halife Hazretlerine Açık Mektup (An Open Letter to the Caliph), in the newspaper Tanin, he was punished with a penalty of five years hard labor by the Independence Court with the claim that he had been defending the rule of the sultan. He was later pardoned. He was also tried by the Elazığ Independence Court, but he was acquitted. He died in Paris, where he had gone for medical treatment.


Selanik'te Bir Konferans / Bizde Siyasî Partiler, Bugünkü Hali ve Geleceği (A Conference in Thessalonica / Our Political Parties, Their Current Positions and Future, 1910), Hükümdarlık Karşısında Milliyet ve Mesuliyet ve Tefrika-i Kuvai Mesaili (Nationality and Responsibility Contrary to Government and the Discord in the Matter of Power, as a reply to a conference of Refet Paşa about national government, 1922).

PLAY: Şimdiki İzdivaçlar ve Erkekler Arasında (Current Marriages and Among Men)



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