Adalı Halil


10 Şubat, 1927

Wrestler (B.: 1870, Kilise Village / Adaiçi town, Edirne – D.: February 10, 1927, Edirne). His father Kara Mehmed was a famous wrestler. He launched his wrestling career as a little boy with encouragement of his father beside the famous wrestler Aliço, who had been the chief wrestler for 26 years. He learnt all the specifics of wrestling from Aliço. He was one of the huge wrestlers of his time with a height of 1.98 m and a weight of 130-135 kg.

He struggled with the oil-wrestling masters such as Koca Yusuf and Kurtdereli. He went to Europe with the wrestler Kurtdereli Mehmed Pehlivan, beating all his competitors there for short times. He wrestled in various European cities such as Paris, Vienna, and others. He went to America after beating all his competitors in Europe. He also defeated all his rivals there for a short time, wrestling in Boston, Chicago, and New York. Since he was 1.98 m and 150 kg, he was called "Turkish Lion" in America.

After he returned to Turkey, he bought a farm. He started farming. He participated in the tournament in Hamburg in January 1, 1901. He competed with 6 wrestlers. Among them, the wrestlers resisted to him for maximum 7 minutes.

He was ranked among the greatest masters of oil wrestling, winning the title of chief wrestler under Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling for 18 years. Adalı Halil was also the master of Groco-Roman wrestling. He would be nearly lynched by the audience because he broke the ribs of his rival in a match in Chicago, being angry with his wrestling competitor.   

Adalı Halil Pehlivan was cold in 1925 but his illness turned into pneumonia due to the lack of medicine and care and passed away on February 10, 1925. His grave is located across Kasımpaşa Mosque in Edirne. A traditional ceremony is held before his grave annually with the participation of the wrestlers to attend Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Competition. Even today, the wrestlers visit the grave of Adalı Halil lying with the Chief of Wrestling Lodge Cemalettin Efendi, with drums and flutes together with all the participators, chief wrestlers, organizers, and guests before the start of Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Competition. Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Competitions are not started without visiting the grave of Adalı Halil. 



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