Abidin Dino

Ressam, Yazar

23 Mart, 1913
07 Aralık, 1993

Painter and writer (b. 1913, İstanbul – d. 1993). He left his education at the İstanbul Robert College and went to the Soviet Union (1934), where he studied cinema. Then, he went to Paris and participated in film productions as a painter and decorator. On his return to Turkey, he joined the painters of the Group D.

He was expelled from İstanbul on a decision of the military government because of his political views, in 1941. He worked as the editor of the newspaper Türk Sözü (Word of the Turk) in Adana. He moved in Paris in 1951. His essays and designs were published, beginning with the review Artist, edited by Fikret Adil, in different reviews, and his short stories were published in the reviews Servet-i Fünun, Yeni S.E.S., Yeni Yol and Küllük after 1931.


PLAY: (1941), Verese (Haphazardly, 1947).

SCENARIO: Çingeneler (The Gypsies, 1950).

MONOGRAPHY: Fikret Mualla (Fikret Mualla, 1980), Kısa Hayat Öyküm (My Brief Life Story, edited by Ferit Edgü, 1996).

SHORT STORY: Yeditepe Öyküleri (Stories from the Seven Hills, edited by Ferid Edgü, five stories published in the reviews between 1934 and 1940, and three unpublished stories for short films, 2002).



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