Lefter Küçükandonyadis


22 Aralık, 1925
13 Ocak, 2012
Diğer İsimler

National football player. (B. in Istanbul on December 22nd, 1925, D. on 13th January 2012) He was the son of a Rum fisherman and a Turkish mother living in Istanbul Büyükada. He was given the name Professor-in-Ordinary by his fans because of his talent. He started football in Büyükada and was raised in Taksim Sports Club. His age was made older by court decision in 1941 to grant him a license. He joined the army to perform his military service after playing in Taksim for two years. He lived in Diyarbakır during his military service for four years and won the hearts of the people in this city. He played in Ay Spor in Diyarbakır, which he had preferred for its yellow-navy blue forms. When he returned to Istanbul in 1947, he joined Fenerbahçe club. He played in Fenerbahçe until 1963. He became the top goal scorer in the League of 1953-1954. In the meantime, he played in ACF Fiorentina of Italy for one year and in OGC Nice of France for one year.

The supporters created the slogan “Ver Lefter'e, yaz deftere! (T.N. Pass to Lefter, forget it there!)” due to Lefter’s scores, who was one of the legendary players in Turkish football. He won the hearts of the supporters of Fenerbahçe and all football lovers for his mastery in football. He wore the national uniform for 50 times and became the first football player to gain the golden medal in 50th National Match. With his 21 goals in national uniforms, he kept the title of “top scorer national player” for years; and served as the national team captain for 8 times.

Lefter played in the Fenerbahçe uniform for 615 times, scored 423 goals in the matches he played. After he quit soccer in 1964, he took part in Egaleo of Greece and Johannesburg of South Africa as a football player and trainer. Then he served as a football coach in Samsunspor, Orduspor, Mersin İdman Yurdu and Boluspor. He also worked as a sports writer for a while after his career as a trainer. Lefter, who lived in Büyükada, has 3 children. His statue was erected in the Kuşdili Park in Istanbul, Kadıköy on May 3rd, 2009.



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