Kirkor Zohrab Efendi

Öykü Yazarı, Siyasetçi

26 Haziran, 1861
Galatasaray School Department of Law

Story writer, politician (B. June 26, 1861, Istanbul- D. 1915). He attended to Beşiktaş Makruhyan Armenian School, Ortaköy Tarkmancats Armenian School and Catholic Lusavorician School. He graduated from engineering institute within Galatasaray High School in 1879. He was enrolled in Galatasaray School, Department of Law. He has completed his three years education at School of Law within the new university (Darülfunun) in 1884. He went to Edirne in 1884 and attended to an examination before a special commission, receiving the diploma of "first class attorney". In 1908, he went to France as his attorneyship was restricted and as he had problems with the oppression regime. He returned to Istanbul with the declaration of Constitutional Period. He worked as a Lawyer and as a lecturer of Penal Code at Darülfunun. He took part in the committee to make change in Penal Code. In 1915, within the scope of "Armenian deportation", implemented by Union and Progress government, he was arrested together with Erzurum deputy Vartkes Serengulyan and sent to Konya, Adana and Aleppo, consecutively. While he was being transferred from Aleppo to Diyarbakir Martial Court, he was murdered by gang leaders Circassian Ahmet and Nazim.

His first articles were published in Lırakir newspaper.  He published a literature magazine named Yergrakunt (1883-1889) with famous humorist Hagop Baranyan as the editor.  He was influenced from Arpiar Arpiaryan and realism. He focused on writing educational articles. His novel named Anhedatsadz Serunt Mı (The generation Diminished) was serialized in Yergrakunt (1885).  In 1891, he started to write articles in the newspaper Hayrenik (Homeland), which was established by A. Arpiaryan.  He published the weekly journal named Masis with Hırant Asadur and Dikran Gamsaragan (1892). He began to write articles in Azadamard (Struggle for Freedom) in 1909.  He has serialized the European travel notes under the name Eçer Uğevori Mı Orakren(pages from the Diary of Passenger) (1909).  He became a member to Ottoman Freedom and National Safety Association (1909). In parallel with the Ahrar party, he advocated liberal ideas and equality among ethnic groups. He was elected into the Armenian Community parliament, and then he became the Istanbul deputy in First Ottoman Parliament for seven years, winning three elections. He worked hard to make arrangements for strengthening the friendly relations and societal equality among the nations; argued the importance of reforms in eastern provinces that will provide the safety of life and property; he was known with his speeches in the Parliament on issues such as building a strong navy, recruiting the non-Muslims into the military, leaving the concept of "illegal child" and conducting legal changes in favor of women.


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REFERENCE: Kirkor Zohrab / Osmanlı Meclisinde Bir Ermeni Mebus (2001).


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