Kevork Pamukciyan

Tarih Araştırmacısı, Bibliyograf

23 Şubat, 1923
23 Eylül, 1996

History and biography researcher (b. 23 February 1923 – d. 23 September 1966, İstanbul). His family was from Kayseri. He attended Üsküdar Nersesyan-Yermonyan Armenian Primary School and he left school while he was in the 10th term at Saint-Joseph Private French High School. He started to publish his work in Nor Lur (Yeni Haber, News in Armenian) newspaper. He worked on his painting during the years 1944-50 then, giving more importance to his writing, he wrote articles in Reşad Ekrem Koçu’s İstanbul Ansiklopedisi (Encyclopedia of İstanbul) about the Armenians of İstanbul. He was among the founders of the Association for the Encouragement of Cultural Research in 1953.

He published his articles in reviews such as Hayat Tarih, Tarih ve Toplum in 1956. In the year 1967, he started to work at the Armenian Patriarchate and was the editor of the reviews and almanacs of Şoğagat (Falling Beam) published by the Patriarchate. After 1982 he became the honorary consultant of culture of that institution. In addition to his Turkish poems, he also wrote articles, essays, explanatory notes and appendixes to many Armenian and Turkish encyclopedias. He also produced up to 2000 epitaph texts, which he had collected from Üsküdar, Edirnekapı and Balıklı Armenian cemeteries, and unpublished works including nearly 3500 biographies of famous Armenians.


Patrik Nagop Halyan 1706-1764 (Patriarch Nagop Halyan 1706-1764, 1981-83), Patrik Hovannes Golod 1678-1741 (Patriarch Ioannes Golod 1678-1741, 1984-85), İstanbul Yazıları (Writing on İstanbul, edited by Osman Köker, 2002), Ermeni Harfli Türkçe Metinler (Turkish Texts in Armenian Letters, 2002), Zamanlar, Mekânlar, İnsanlar (Times, Places, People, 2003).



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