Keriman Halis

Güzellik Kraliçesi

16 Şubat, 1913
28 Ocak, 2012
Işık High School

Beauty queen (B. 16th February 1913, Istanbul - D. 28th January 2012, Istanbul). She was one of the six children of the tradesman Halis Bey. Her uncle was one of the famous operetta composers Muhlis Sabahattin Ezgi and her aunt was also a famous woman composer Neveser Kökdeş. Turgan Ece, who was one of the managers of the Galatasaray Sports Club, was her brother. She finished the Feyziati School (Boğaziçi), which was one of the schools giving the strongest education in that period and today’s Işık High School. She attended the Akşam Kız Sanat School. She was selected as the beauty queen of Turkey in the Beauty Competition organized in the year 1932 by the newspaper Cumhuriyet that started the tradition of Beauty Competitions in Turkey in 1929.

The same year, Keriman Halis participated in the World Beauty Competition held in Belgium in order to represent Turkey. The beauties of twenty eight countries took part and she was selected as Miss World by unanimous vote. Not only the European newspapers but also the European tabloid press gave place to the characteristics of Keriman Halis in details. This event was found very meaningful for the young republic. Since a Turkish flag was not found after the competition, a big flag was prepared there by finding meters of sateen. Keriman Halis saluted the community coming to see her. By this way, the pictures of Keriman Halis were printed in newspapers in different dimensions and the pictures were even printed as autographs, sold and passed from hand to hand.

The return of Keriman Halis to the homeland created a joy of festival in the country. She was welcomed at the Sirkeci Terminal just like a real queen. All the press made headlines from this beautiful and talented Turkish girl. In her public statement, Keriman Halis told that she had made no pretentions to be the most beautiful girl of Turkey but she had been just one of them. Atatürk made a special statement for Keriman Halis who was selected as Miss World. He didn’t use the title queen but the title “Ece”. This title was given to Keriman Halis as a last name when the surname act was enacted later on.

Keriman Halis was married two times, however these marriages didn’t last long. She spent her ensuing years at her home in Istanbul Çiftehavuzlar with her son Cenk Tamer and lived a long life. She deceased on the date of 8th January 2012 when she was ninety nine years old. 



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