Recep Garip

Ressam, Siyasetçi, Yazar, Şair

Istanbul High Islam Institute (Marmara University Faculty of Theology)

Poet, painter (26 February 1956, Sanlıca village / Tarsus / İçel). He used the pen name Ammar İlkay in some of his works. He attended primary school in his village and graduated from Adana İmam Hatip High School and Advanced Islam Institute. He served as teacher and manager in Adana (1952-1990), the director of Cultural and Social Affairs of the Eminönü and Ümraniye Municipalities (1994-2002). He was selected as Adana Deputy in 3 November 2002 elections. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Justice and Development Party. He worked for non-governmental organizations. He is a member of Writers Union of Turkey, the Professional Association of Scientific and Literary Work Owners of Turkey, the Vocational Union for the Performers of Fine Arts in Turkey and Adana Association of Painters. He served as vice-chairman of the Association of Graduates of Theology, the culture director of the Association of Business Managers and Consultants. He is one of the founders of the Adana Branch of Unity Foundation. 

His first poem was published in the newspaper Bizim Anadolu with the pen name Âşık Ozan in 1974. Furthermore, his works were published in the reviews Alemara, Büyük Akın, Mavera, Yeni Sıla, Gerede'nin Sesi, Karınca, Kız Kulesi, Andırın Postası, Pulsuz, Kültür Dünyası, İkindi Yazıları, Düş Çınarı, Hece, Millî Eğitim, Yedi İklim, Ay Vakti, Türk Dili and in the newspapers Yeni Devir, Millî Gazete and Zaman. In recent years his works were published in Ay Vakti. He gave various seminars and conferences. His work Bir İmza Serüveni (An Adventure of Sign) was translated into Bosnian, some of his poems was translated into Arabian. He prepared and announced a thirty days’ Ramadan program of Teha Agency in addition to culture and art programs in different radios. He served as consultant in Nüans Production and Music Producing and Sufi Trans Mega Music Production. Garip was announced the poems of various poets for a private TV channel. Garip, who is also interested in oil painting for more than fifteen years in addition to poetry and writing, preferred abstract study. He opened his eighteenth exhibition in 2005.


POETRY: Deprem Sesi Bir Sahil (A Beach like the Sound of Earthquake, 1988), Irmaklar Akar İçimde (Rivers Flow Inside me, 1995), Savaş Türküsü (Song of War, 1996), Mavi Gül (Blue Rose, 1997), Bir Leyla Düşü (A Dream of Leyla, 2000), Mavi Türkü (Blue Song, 2003).

JOURNAL: Bir İmza Serüveni (An Adventure of Sign, 1997).

ESSAY: Şehir ve Medeniyet (Urban and Civilization), Mehtapta Lisan (Language in the Moonlight).

RESEARCH (with pen name Ammar İlkay): Namaz* ve Oruç Risalesi (Pamphlet of Worship and Fast, 1998), Kurban Risalesi (Pamphlet of Sacrificing, 1999).

ANTHOLOGY: Öğretmenime Şiirler (Poems for my Teacher, anthology, 2001).

PLAY: Gülün Adı Kırmızı (Name of the Rose is Red)


Elaeagnuses, oil painting







Devamını Gör