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Johns Hopkins University, B.A. Industrial Administration Department
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Mustafa Rahmi Koç

Businessman, Chairman of Koç Holding. Full name is Mustafa Rahmi Koç. He was born in Istanbul in 1930. Full name is Mustafa Rahmi Koç. He is the second of four children of Sadberk Koç and Vehbi Koç, the founder of Koç Holding. Semahat Arsel (1928), Sevgi Gönül (1938) and Suna Kıraç (1941) are his sisters. After completing his primary education in Ankara, he graduated from İstanbul Robert College and went to USA for higher education. Here, he studied at Johns Hopkins University, B.A. Industrial Administration Department.

Rahmi Koç started working at the Koç Company Group, in Otokoç, Ankara in 1958 after completing his military service. In 1960, he moved to Koç Ticaret A.Ş. When the head office of Koç Holding, established in 1963, was moved to Istanbul in 1964, he started working as the General Coordinator of Koç Holding and settled in Istanbul. He became the President of Executive Committee consisting of 7 persons in 1970, Vice President of Board of Directors in 1975, the President of Koç Holding Management Committee, consisting of four senior managers, in 1980. When in 1984, his father Vehbi Koç transferred the Presidency of Management Committee to him; Rahmi Koç became the Chairman of Koç Holding on March 30th, 1984. Rahmi Koç was elected as the ICC President for 1995-1996 terms at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) assembly which was held on November 7th, 1994. He left the Chairman position to his son Mustafa V. Koç on April 4th, 2003. He became the Honorary Chairman of Koç Holding like his father did.

Rahmi Koç was given the Grosses Verdienst Kreuz Award by German Government, and was honored with the High Order of Merit by the Italian Republic on June 18th, 2001. He was awarded the Order of Merit by President Süleyman Demirel on October 27th, 1997 for his contributions in education, health and social services.

Rahmi M. Koç, who was given the Honorary PhD degree by Johns Hopkins University, Anadolu University, Ege University, Bilkent University and Constanza Ovidius University, is a member of International Chamber of Commerce (President between 1995 and 1996), Southeast European Cooperation Enterprise Business Advisory Committee (Deputy Chairman), Vehbi Koç Foundation Board of Directors, Koç University (president of Board of Directors), Rahmi M. Koç Museum Studies and Cultural Foundation Board of Directors (President), Vehbi Koç Foundation American Hospital (Istanbul Chairman), TÜSİAD High Advisory Council (Honorary President), Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations, Allianz Aktiengesellschaft International Advisory Committee, Eisenhower Foundation Board of Trustees, İstanbul Açık Deniz Yat Kulübü (T.N.Istanbul Offshore Yacht Club), New York Yacht Club. Rahmi Koç is a member of Rotary Clubs. He is married and has three children (Mustafa Vehbi Koç-1960, Ömer Mehmet Koç- 1962, Ali Yıldırım Koç- 1967). He is interested in sailing. He set a sail on September 19th, 2004 and realized a world tour which took almost two years.



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