Perihan Sadıkoğlu

Ressam, Yazar

Marmara University Atatürk Faculty of Education Art Teaching Graphic Department

Artist. She was born in Trabzon in 1971. She completed the primary, secondary and high school educations in Istanbul. In 1994, she completed Marmara University, Atatürk Faculty of Education Art Teaching Graphic Department. In 1995, she completed the preparatory program of Marmara University Contemporary Sciences Foundation, Department of Business Administration in English. She established her own Graphic design office in 1996. She made Graphic designs for 6 years. As from 1999, she focused her attention on painting studies and participated in 11 personal exhibitions and 62 group exhibitions. She established her art design studio in 2002. She organized studies in the studio until 2005. After she went to Egypt in 2003, she made examinations by taking pictures and shooting videos. In 2006, she completed her thesis on “Antik Mısır'ın Çağdaş Sanata Uzantıları ve Bir Yeniden Yorumlama” (Extensions of Ancient Egypt to Contemporary Art and a Reinterpretation) that she started under the management of Prof. Özdemir Altan at Yeditepe University in 2004.

In 2004, she painted Ancient Egyptian themed pictures. She exhibited these works at Ankara Art Fair in 2005. In 2005, she held conversations on “the Mystery of Ancient Egypt” with art critic Ümit Gezgin and Sociologist Ayhan Kalaycı. Her thesis, which was entitled “Antik Mısır'ın Çağdaş Sanata Uzantıları ve Bir Yeniden Yorumlama”, was published under the name “Antik Mısır Sanatı ve Tarihsel Akıştan Günümüze Etkiler” (T.N. Ancient Egyptian Art and Influences on Modern Time through History) as two separate books in Turkish and English languages on March 29th, 2007.



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