Özcan Karabulut

Öykü Yazarı, Yazar

01 Ocak, 1958
Erzurum Atatürk University Faculty of Agriculture, Middle East Technical University Department of Statistics

Storywriter (b. January 1958, Adana). He completed his primary, elementary and high school education in Adana. He graduated from Erzurum Atatürk University, the faculty of Agriculture in 1978. He completed his postgraduate education at Middle East Technical University, Department of Statistics in 1982. He is working at the Confederation of Workers Trade Unions of Turkey as a director of Press and Public Relations since 1988. He is a member of Writers Union of Turkey and Turkish Authors Association (president between 2001 and 2003).

He took a mansion at the 1983 Akademi Publishing House Award with his first book Karşı Öyküler (The Facing Stories), 1991-1992 Abdi İpekçi Love Competition with his short story Karşılaşma, he took the 1994 Ömer Seyfettin Short Story Award Special Award with Yalnızlıktan Yalnızlığa Fısıldanan Sözcükler (The Words That Are Whistled Through Loneliness), came first at the 1996 Orhon Murat Arıburnu Film Story Award with Yüzünde Hep O İnce Gülüşünle (Every Time With Your Fine Smile on Your Face), came second at the 1998 Orhan Kemal Short Story Award and took success prize at the Sabahattin Ali Short Story Award with Baştan Sona Yalnızlık (Loneliness  Beginning To the End) and at the 1998 Ministry of Culture Republic Awards with Belkide Kaybeden Zaman (Maybe The Time is Lost). He is publishing his shot stories and articles in the review Düşler/Öyküler that he administers and in various reviews and newspapers since 1980. He is also the founder of Ankara Short Story Days that was performed eighth time in 2004. He is also the pioneering father of the 14 September World Short Story Day that was accepted at the 68th Congress of the International PEN Clubs Federation by the Linguistic Rights Committee. He is still editor in chief of the review İmge Öyküler.


SHORT-STORY: Karşı Öyküler (The Facing Stories, 1984), Hüzünle Bazı Günler (Some Days with Melancholy, 1990), Baştan Sona Yalnızlık (Loneliness All Over, 1997), Belki de Kaybeden Zaman (Maybe the Time is Lost, 1998), Aşkın Halleri (The Conditions of Love, 2000).

ESSAY-RESEARCH: Türkiye’de ve Dünyada Çalışan Çocuklar Sorununa Genel Bakış (A General View to the Working Children in Turkey and World, 1994), Her Pazartesi- Edebiyat Konuşmaları (Every Morning – Conversations of Literature, 1996), Türkiye’de Çalışan Çocuklar (Working Children in Turkey, 1996), Öykünün Penceresinden (Through the Window of Story, 1998), Çocuk İşçiliğine Karşı Sendikal Mücadele: TÜRK-İŞ Modeli (Union Struggle Against the Child Labor: Model of Confederation of Workers Trade Unions of Turkey, 1998).




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