Erkan Petekkaya


12 Aralık, 1971
Anadolu University State Conservatory

Movie and TV series actor. He was born on December 12, 1971 in Çermik, Diyarbakir. He started to live in Istanbul since his childhood due to his father's occupation. He graduated from Mehmet Karamancı Primary School, Bostancı Secondary School and Fenerbahçe High School. He won Anadolu University State Conservatory and started to work with an artist cadre in State Theater in 1993. Petekkaya has stepped into TV series with candid cameras in 1994 and he continued with his career in TV series Güzel Günlerin 1996. He acted in "Aynali Tahir" in 1998 and acted in projects named Aşkına Eşkıya, Bedel, Japon Gelin and Taştan Kalp. His popularity continued with character named "Bulent" in the TV series at Kanal D named "Serseri"; and he also acted as "Yılmaz" in TV series "Köpek" in 2005. With his role in this TV series, he was a candidate for "Best Male Actor" at Beyaz Inci TV Awards.  

He acted as the older son of a rich family from Adana as a Holding manager in the TV series named "Beyaz Gelincik" that was screened at ATV in 2005. The TV series named "Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki" in which he acted in 2011 is the period his career was at its peak. Erkan Petekkaya continues with his work in cinema and TV sectors.

REFERENCE: Üstün Çaba Yorulmaz / “Erhan Petekkaya ve Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki..” (Yeni Çaba Dergisi, issue: 70, January-April 2011, p. 30-31), İhsan Işık / Diyarbakır Ansiklopedisi (2013).


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