Ergeş Uçgun


21 Şubat, 1927
Kabul University
Diğer İsimler
Şahimerdankuloğlu Ergeş Uçkun

Poet (b. 21 February 1927, Andkhoy, South Turkistan - d. 2009, Silifke / Mersin). His full name is Şahimerdankuloğlu Ergeş Uçkun. He attended Antkhoy Primary School between 1938 and 44. He graduated from Kabul Teacher Training School in 1950. He studied chemistry and biology in Kabul University between 1950 and 1952. He worked as teacher in Anthkhoy between 1952 and 54. He was sent to Meymene because of political reasons. He served as vice director in Abu Ubeydi Cuzcâni High School till 1957. He immigrated to Turkey because of the policy of Afghan government against Turks.

He worked as teacher in Adana between 1957 and 61. He resigned in 1961 and began to work in Ataş Refinery in Mersin. He immigrated to the United States in 1974 and worked as technical personnel in Mobil Oil, Princeton. Ergeş Uçkun, whose shelter place is Khorasan, distance is Baku, plateau is Almatı, darling is Ankara, love is Ashgabat, heart is Tashkent and Samarkand, has still been living in New Jersey in the United States. He is founder of Çapandez Society and publishes the review Orhun.


Ergeş Uçgun ve Yurt Koşugları (Ergeş Uçgun and Homeland Poems, edited by Orhan Söylemez, poems, 1997), Müslüman Türkler ve İngilizler (Muslim Turks and English).



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