Erdoğan Şuhubi

Mekanik Bilgini, Matematik Profesörü, Akademisyen

04 Eylül, 1934
Istanbul University Faculty of Civil Engineering

Scholar in mechanics. He was born on October 4th, 1934, in Istanbul. He graduated from Haydarpaşa High School (1951) and Istanbul University Faculty of Civil Engineering (1956). Afterwards, he took office as an assistant in Technical Mechanics and General Strength of Materials department of the same faculty. He did his doctorate with his thesis called Minimum-Weight Plates (1959). After having finished Nuclear Energy Institute (1962) he went to United States and did researches in Purdue University (1962-64). When he returned to Turkey, he was promoted to associate professorship with his thesis on dynamic magneto-elasticity (1964). He was invited to US Princeton University as a visiting faculty member and he gave lectures on continuum mechanics and did researches (1968). He was promoted to professorship in Istanbul Technical University (1970) and later he was appointed as the head of Mechanics Department of Basic Sciences Department (1971).

Erdoğan Şuhubi also held the presidency of Applied Mathematics Unit in Marmara Scientific and Industrial Research Institute of Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) as of 1970. He did many researches in mechanics since the beginning of his scientific studies and he contributed to development of new theories. According to a research published by TUBITAK, Şuhubi is the Turkish mechanical scientist whose works are cited the most by foreign authors. Erdoğan Şuhubi has around 40 scientific researches published in foreign languages in many branches of mechanics such as static and dynamic elasticity, bar theory, thermo elasticity, elastic dielectrics, theory of plates, neutron diffusion theory and non-linear wave propagation and his main contribution to this field is “micromorphic theory”, which is referred to as the Eringen-Şuhubi theory and which makes it possible to approach on a measure between classical continuums and atomistic structures. His work called Elastodynamics, which started to be published in English in 1974, was the first work that is comprehensive and accurate on mathematical theory of non-linear and linear dynamic elasticity. Erdoğan Şuhubi won the TUBITAK science award in 1976.

Prof. Şuhubi is a member of the following organizations and institutions; Turkish Academy of Sciences (founding member, 1993), Academia Europaea (1991), International Society for the Interaction of Mechanics and Mathematics (1980), Turkish National Committee of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Turkey link of International Union for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1976) and Turkish Mathematical Society, Society of Engineering Science (founding member, 1962).


Sürekli Ortamla­rın Lineer Olmayan Mekaniğine Giriş (1965), Akışkanlar Mekaniği (1968), Thermo - Elastic Solids (Thermoelastic Solids, 1975, with A. C. Eringen), Elastodynamics (Elastodynamic, with A. C. Eringen, 2 volumes, 1974-75), Rijit Cisimler Dinamiği (1981). 

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