Erdem Bayazıt


18 Aralık, 1939
05 Temmuz, 2008
Ankara University Faculty of Language History and Geography Department of Turkish Language and Literature

Poet (b. 1939, Kahramanmaraş – d. 5 Temmuz 2008, İstanbul). He attended the İstiklal Secondary School (1953), High School of Kahramanmaraş (1959) and graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Turkish Language and Literature (1971). He worked as a civil officer at the Press Office of the Ministry of National Education, assistant branch director of Periodicals at the National Library, as a teacher and the chairman of City Library in Kahramanmaraş, as the general secretary of İstanbul Turkish Classical Music State Conservatory, as the head of the Training Department of Human Resources at the Ministry of Industry. He worked as contracted employee at the State Planning Organization. He was elected a deputy from the Motherland Party in Kahramanmaraş and entered the parliament. After the termination of his duty at the parliament (1991), he moved to İstanbul and continued his studies here.

His first work was published in the art supplement of the local newspaper Gençlik in Kahramanmaraş in 1956. His poems and essays were published in the reviews Hamle, Yeni İstiklal (1966), Diriliş, Çıkış, Büyük Doğu, Edebiyat, Mavera and Yedi İklim. Beyazıt was among the founders of the reviews Edebiyat, Mavera and Yedi İklim. When he was at high school, he published a review named Hamle for a few issues together with his friends, which was previously published by Nuri Pakdil. He edited the art page of the newspaper Engizek. He was the owner and editor-in-chief of Akabe Publishing and the review Mavera. He wrote columns in some newspapers.

His first poetry book titled Sebep Ey (Reason Oh!) that included his poems on the revolts of Muslims against imperialists drew great attention. According to the poet, poetry should always involve an historical dimension and it should open a door to metaphysics and the reflections of daily life. He highlights the message in his poems. His poetic understanding has been formed especially by the Great East and Sezai Karakoç.

Bayazıt collected the Writers Union of Turkey Press Award with his book titled İpek Yolu’ndan Afganistan’a (From the Silk Road to Afghanistan), where he collected his impressions during a trip to Afghanistan (1981). He was selected as the Poet of Year by the Writers Union of Turkey in 1987 with his second poetry book titled Risaleler (Letters). He is a member of the Writers Union of Turkey and the Association of Turkish Parliamentarians.


POETRY: Sebep Ey (Reason Oh!, 1972), Risaleler (Letters, 1987), Şiirler (Poems, all peoms, 1992), Gelecek Zaman Risalesi (The Letter of Future Time, 2000).

TRAVEL LITERATURE: İpek Yolundan Afganistan'a (From the Silk Road to Afghanistan, 1985). 


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