Ercan Karakaş

Makina Yüksek Mühendisi, Milletvekili, Devlet Adamı, Siyasetçi, Yazar

Department of Mechanical Engineering (Almanya)

High machinery engineer, politician and statesman, deputy, minister, author. He was born in Çanakkale in 1945. He completed his primary and secondary education in Çanakkale. He started his higher education in Istanbul and completed it in Germany as High Machinery Engineer. He attended to Social Sciences Department in Duisburg University for a while. He worked as a social consultant for Turkish workers and their families in Germany. He worked at different levels of German Social Democracy Party (SPD) for ten years. He was the chair of European Social Democrat Public Associations Federation (HDF) which was established by social democrat Turks living in Germany.

When he returned to Turkey, he joined SHP in 1985. He was the SHP Istanbul province Secretary, and then he was elected as Istanbul Province Chair. He did this job for three terms. Then he became the member of Party Board, Central Executive Board members and Vice General Secretary in SHP. He was RPP Party Board member after the unification of SHP-RPP.

He was elected as Istanbul Deputy in October 1991 elections. He was SHP group chairman in TGNA for almost three years. He was European parliamentary member and AGIK Parliamentarian Board member for two years. He joined YTP in 2002 upon the invitation of Ismail Cem. He left YTP.

He worked as an engineer and manager in several public and private organizations before becoming a deputy. He published monthly Sosyal Demokrat journal in 1988 with his friends and established Social Democracy Publications. He wrote several articles in Sosyal Demokrat Journal on the problems of society, social democracy and politics and offered solutions. He also has books published on this issue. He has also contributed to collaborative books written by several authors and scientists.

He was among the founders of TUSES (Turkey Social Economic Political research Foundation) which was established in 1989. He established the "Social Democracy Foundation" (SODEV) in 1994 by a group of social democrat intellectuals. He was elected as the Executive Board Chair of foundation. He did this job for 10 years. He was elected as the "Politician of the Year" by Nokta journal and together with Ismail Cem due to his contribution for the integration of left.

He participated in protocol and program preparations of 49th and 50th Coalition governments (TPP_SHP_ RPP) He was the Minister of Culture in 50th Government. He was elected as deputy from Istanbul again on December 24, 1995 elections. He participated in the TGNA Foreign Affairs Commission in 19th and 20th terms. He is still the Honorary President of SODEV.


Demokratik Cesaret (2008), Kürt Sorunu-Sosyal Demokratik Yaklaşımlar - CHP ve SHP'nin Kürt Sorunu Raporları (2009), Gerçek Dünya Sanal Politika (2013), Kürt Sorunu - Sosyal Demokratik Yaklaşımlar, Sosyal Demokrasi Notları - Toplumları Başkaldırıya Zorlayan Eşitsizlikler Konusunda... (common book, 2013).

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