Kemal Ilıcak

İş İnsanı, Gazeteci

09 Nisan, 1993
Istanbul School of Journalism

Businessman and journalist (B.: 1932, Kırkseki Village, Amasya, D.: April 9th, 1993, Istanbul). He was the husband of the journalist author and parliamentarian Nazli Ilıcak. After his father Ali Bey had died when he was six, her mother Hayriye Hanım brought him up. After he completed his primary and secondary education in Amasya, he graduated from the Istanbul School of Journalism. Although he received journalism education, he chose to begin a commercial career. It was the first step to switch to journalism by releasing the newspaper Türkiye Birlik together with Kemal Sülker. That was followed by becoming a partner to the newspaper Tercüman, published under the management of the workers.

Combining his business administration skills with journalism, Kemal Ilıcak managed to make Tercüman a leading newspaper of Turkey with his direction and the technical innovations that he implemented. Tercüman broke grounds by presenting the first additional magazine, the first book, the first gift, the first encyclopedia, 1001 Basic Works Publications, the first apartment, the first automobile, and the first concerts in Turkey. In a printing house opened in Germany, Kemal Ilıcak published foreign newspapers apart from Tercüman.



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