Kâzım Taşkent

Kimya Mühendisi, Bankacı, İş İnsanı, Siyasetçi

05 Mart, 1991
Braunschweig Technische Hochschule
Diğer İsimler
Arif Kâzım Taşkent. Kazım Taşkent

Professional chemical engineer, businessman, banker, and politician (B. 1894, Preveza – D. 5, March 1991. He is the grandfather of the film director Ömer Kavur and uncle of Esat Pasha and Vehip Pasha. He took the surname “Taşkent” because he moved to Janina from Tashkent. He lost his mother as a nine year old boy. He graduated from Braunschweig Technische Hochschule in 1925, received higher chemical education in Germany with the help of state scholarship, and returned home as a professional chemical engineer. He did the military service in Çanakkale, Istanbul, and Batumi.

He took on important tasks during the foundation of Alpulu Sugar Factory in 1929. He was shocked by the death of his son Doğan in 1938. Nevertheless, he completed the foundation of Eskişehir Turhal Sugar Factory within 6-7 years. He managed these factories and became the general manager of the Şeker Company in 1944. In the same year, he established Yapı ve Kredi Bank and Doğan Insurance Company. He worked as the CEO and managing director of Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi, the first private bank in Turkey having no contribution, support, or promotion by the government within the Turkish share capital.

He established Doğan Kardeş Yayınları A.Ş., Institution of Memorial and Spread of Turkish Folk Dances, Tifdruk Basımevi, etc. He participated in the parliament (Grand National Assembly of Turkey) as the Manisa Parliamentarian between 1950 and 1953.

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