Kâzım Özalp

Asker, Devlet Adamı, Siyasetçi

06 Haziran, 1967
War Academy

Soldier, politician and statesman. He was born in Koprulu (Veles)/ Macedonia in 1882 D. June 06, 1968, Ankara.) He is among the most important commanders of National Independence War. His full name is Kazim Fikri Ozalp and he is son of cavalier officer Ismail Nazmi Bey. He graduated from Skopje Military Secondary School and Manastir Military High School. He completed War School in 1902 and War Academy in 1905 and became senior captain.  He was appointed to Thessaloniki Commandership. He joined Union and Progress. He fought against the Bulgarian rebels in Thessaloniki. When he was the Commander at Serez (1908), he joined the army to suppress the March 31 Revolt in Istanbul (April 13, 1909). 

After the Balkan Wars, he was appointed as Vice Commander in Istanbul (1913) and became a major in 1914. He became a lieutenant colonel because of his achievements in 1915. He fought against the Russians when he was Van Mobile Gendarmerie Commander (1914) in the First World War. He became the 36th Brigade Commander due to his achievements against Russians in Iranian Azerbaijan. He became a colonel in 1917. He participated in the campaigns at Caucasia, he invaded Batumi and moved to Kutayis. 

When the Greeks invaded Izmir, he organized the National Resistance Movement in Balieksir during the War of Independence. He was the commander at Şarkoy and Balikesir after the Mondoros Peace Treaty. He moved against the Greeks who invaded Bergama. He was appointed as Izmir North Front Commander and suppressed the Anzavur Revolt in 1920. 

He was Ertuğrul Group Commander. But when that group was abolished, he became Karesi (Balikesir) deputy in TGNA. He was appointed as Kocaeli regional Commander in 1921 and took İzmit and Adapazari back from enemy. He participated in Sakarya War and became the general in September 1921.   In 1922 he became the Minister of National Defense.

Then he became the Western Front Commander, appointed by TGNA. He joined the Great Assault and Sakarya War. He was elected as TGNA president in 1925 and continued with this duyu for ten years. He was retired in 1926. He was the Minister of National Defense in Fevzi Cakmak (1922), Rauf Orbay (1922-23) and Fethi Okyar (1923) gpvernments. He was TGNA President (1924-1935), and Minister of National Defense during Ismet Inonu and Celal Bayar governments (1935-1939). He became RPP group chairman in 1943. He was elected as Van deputy in May 14, 1950 and left the political life in 1954. He continued his presence at TGNA between 1920 until he quit politics.

He died in Ankara on June 06, 1968. He was buried at the State Cemetery in Ataturk Forest Farm that was established for presidents of Turkish Republic. His book was published in 1971-1972, named as "Milli Mucadele".


Milli Mücadele (2 volumes, 1971-72), Atatürk’ten Anılar (with Teoman Özalp, 1998).

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