Kâmil Koç

İş İnsanı


Businessman (B. 1901, Pazaryeri / Bilecik - D. 1975). He could not continue his education after the second year of High School, due to his father’s sudden death. He performed his military service between 1922 and 1924 in Bilecik Commandership Station. After his military service, he received share from that year’s agricultural products and started passenger transportation between Bursa-Bilecik-Karaköy.

Kamil Koç, who was known for his stability and determination, was afraid of taking on debts and always walked on thin ice. Though he knew that he would earn high income from Austin Auto Dealership, he did not get involved in this business he preferred carrying out transport business by undertaking the shipment of mine pole from Zonguldak and Devrek to Ereğli Coal Plant, and timber from Bartın to İzmit Paper Plant between 1943 and 1951.

In the following years, Kâmil Koç got involved in soap and tobacco business for some time, and developed intercity transportation where he became the doyen. His travel company, named after him, remained among the most famous companies in his lifetime and after his death.

Kâmil Koç, who never refused his visitors, hated brute force and violence, used to say to his children and grandchildren; “You don’t get on Mercedes, let your passengers do. Never feel sorry for looking above, never boast for looking below”.


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