Kâmil Akdik


28 Kasım, 1861
23 Temmuz, 1941
Fatih Secondary School
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Ahmed Kâmil Akdik(tam adı), Hacı Kâmil Efendi

Calligraph. (B.  November 28, 1861, Findiklı/ Istanbul- D.  July 23, 1941, Fatih/ Istanbul). His full name is Ahmed Kamil Akdik and he was also known as Haci Kamil Efendi. He was the son of head clerk of food at Shipyard Suleyman Efendi and father of painter Seref Akdik. During his primary school education at Zeyrek Saliha Sultan School; he was interested in calligraphy with the impact of his teacher Süleyman Efendi. After completing Fatih Secondary School, he became a public servant in Interior Affairs Ministry (1880). He learned a third script from Sami Efendi and received his approval (1884). He changed his pseudonym Kamil to Haşim with the request of his teacher. We see the signature Ahmed Haşim in his writings between 1887-1890. After a while, he started to use Kamil pseudonym again and known with this name. He was appointed at Palace Registry because of his abilities and success in writing (1894). He learned divani scripts and preparing Sultan's signature from Sami Efendi and became the namenuvis next year. When his teacher was retired, he became the script teacher at Nisan-i Humayun Office (1909). In addition to this duty, he continued teaching a third script in Medresetül Hattat in 1914 and rik'a courses at Galatasaray High School (1918).

When Prime Ministry was ended, he was forced to resign from his duty at Palace (1922). He continued teaching at Calligraphy School until the Alphabet Reform (1928). When it was allowed to teach fine calligraphy at Fine Arts Academy, he worked as a script teacher there until his death. He was invited to Egypt twice by Egyptian prince Mehmed Ali Tevfik Pasha (1935 and 1940). He prepared the belt and dome scripts of the mosque Pasha made built in Cairo. He has written numerous Qur'an, Qur'an chapters, plates and books during his life. He has donated his private calligraphy collection to Topkapi Palace Museum. On August 21, 1915; he received "Reisul Hattatin" title which is given to prominent calligraphs due to his seniority.

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Kâmil Akdik


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