Politician (B. 1882, Sazak/Eskişehir- D. 1960, Eskişehir). He drew attention by helping Kuvay-ı Milliye around Eskişehir during the National Struggle and became a member of First Turkish Grand National Assembly. His congressman status was renewed in every election and continued until 1950. Besides his political studies he also had large fields around Milahıççık county of Eskişehir where he worked as farmer and he also engaged in trading.

Emin Sazak, became prominent for the first time when the land reform addressed in Assembly in 1944.  First and foremost whatever the reason was he was strongly against to intervention of land ownership and he resisted strongly to the bill of law about delivering land to the farmers who had no land.  Again, with the same reason, he sided against Republican People’s Party (RPP) which he was a member till the beginning.  He was one of the leaders of organised opposition movement began in 1945 in TGNA. As a result of this he became one of the often-heard persons of Democrat Party (DP) which he became a member in 1946. However, the opposition of this party was not enough for him and asked them to act more aggressively and as a result he expelled from this party during the liquidation in DP in 1947. After this date, he left the political life.

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