Emin Barın

Tıp Doktoru, Hattat

02 Haziran, 1913
29 Aralık, 1987
Ankara Gazi Educational Institute Art Teaching Department

Calligrapher, physician (Born 2 July 1913, Bolu – Death 29 December 1987, Istanbul). His father is the calligrapher and cover expert Hafız Efendi. He completed his primary and secondary education in Bolu. He graduated from Istanbul Boys Teacher’s Training School (1932) and Ankara Gazi Educational Institute’s Art Teaching Department (1936). He received calligraphy lessons from Kamil Akdik and Necmeddin Okyay. He won the specialization exam of European Printing and engraving organized by the Ministry of National Education. Before leaving for specialization he finished an internship in Istanbul Printing Office of National Education for six months. In 1937 he went to Germany to specialize in calligraphy and cover designing. In 1938 he worked in the private cover designing school of Prof. Dorfner in Weimar, Germany. He entered Leipzig Academy of Booktrade and Printing. On his return he started to work as chief of technical bureau in Printing Office of National Education (1943). The next year he became a teaching staff in the Fine Arts Academy for courses of scripture design (with Latin alphabet). He established in 1951 Barın Cover and Scripture Workshop, in 1955 another cover and scripture workshop for Decorative Arts Department within the academy. In 1983 he retired from academic membership in Mi­mar Sinan University’s Graphics. Later he continued his lectures in Turkish Traditional Handicraft Department on calligraphy and cover restoration as a private lecturer. After his death he was inhumed to Zincirlikuyu Cemetery.

He wrote countless diplomas, patents and scriptures in Latin, including the scriptures of Anıtkabir  (T.N. the tomb of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk). He realized works with new interpretations especially in “kufic” scripture. Other than “kûfic” he also worked on “celi divani” scripture. Numerous works of Barın were exhibited in special collections and museums at home and abroad. His articles were published in magazines and books. Besides he joined numerous international conferences and symposiums making presentations and being a jury member. He received the first prize in the International Hamburg Book Exhibition with his book titled Olimpiyat (1938), in the International Brussels Exhibition with his cover for the book Fâtih Diva­nı (1958), Gratitude Prize of Ministry of Cultural Affairs (1983), Turkish Labor Bank’s Grand Prize with his calligraphic work Ya Rahîm (1984).


Scriptures of ten marble tablets placed into important locations of Istanbul in the 500th year of the Conquest (1951), all tablet scriptures of Anıtkabir (1952-1953), tomb scriptures of Yûnus Emre (1955), restoration of Turkish-Islamic manuscripts in Portugal Gülbenkyan Museum (1968), scriptures of Islamic Conference and its Mosque in Islâmâbâd (Pakistan) (1979), scriptures of Samsun Bazaar and its Mosque (1980). 

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