Abdülkadir Aksu

Minister of Interior, Minister, Statesman, Politician

Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences

Politician and statesman. He was born in 1944 inDiyarbakır. He completed his primary education in DiyarbakırCumhuriyetPrimary School and his secondary education in ZiyaGökalpHigh School. He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences in 1968 and was assigned to Diyarbakır Office in Attendance (Intern of District Governor) which was his first duty. During this period of internship he served as Diyarbakır Ergani District Governorship Companion (1969), Diyarbakır Bismil District, Sinan Sub-district Director (1969), Bingöl District Governor Genç Representative (1969), Malatya Akçadağ and Doğanşehir District Governor Representative (1969-1970).

In 1970 he completed 50th District Governorship Course with success and was assigned to Izmir - Kınık District Governorship. After this duty he served in the army as reserve officer candidate in Erzurum Aşkale between the years 1971-1972 and as a reserve officer and tank platoon commander.

After his military service, he became District Governor of YozgatSarıkaya between the years 1973-1976, Malatya City Chief Constable between 1 September 1976-9 October 1977, Kahramanmaraş Representative of Prefect between 9 October 1977-30 January 1978, for the second time Malatya City Chief Constable between 31 January 1978-14 December 1978, Central Chief Constable in General Directorate of Security, Ministry of Internal Affairs between 15 December 1978-21 December 1979.

He was assigned to the duty of Vice General Directorate of Chief Constable of Ministry of Internal Affairs, which he started as an agent on the 21st of December 1979, as the principal on the 8th of September 1980. With the Cabinet Decree dated 29 August 1980 he was assigned to the Prefect of Rize and continued between 12 September 1980 - 28 October 1980 this duty and Mayorship of Rize. Between 29 October 1980 –and 8 February 1984 he worked around three years as Central Prefect of Central Organization of Ministry of Internal Affairs. On the 9th of February 1984 he was appointed Prefect of Gaziantep.

AbdülkadirAksu resigned from this duty of Gaziantep Governorship, which lasted around three years, on the 18th of September 1987 and was elected as Diyarbakır Parliamentarian of the 18th Period via the list of Anavatan Party on the 29th of November 1987 and started his works in the Parliament. In December 1987, he was selected Group Deputy Chairman of his party in the Assembly.

AbdülkadirAksu, who became one of the prominent figures of Anavatan Party in a short time, started his duty of Minister of Internal Affairs on the 31st of March 1989 and continued this duty until the 48th Republic Government which was established on the 23rd of June 1991.

He was re-elected as Diyarbakır Parliamentarian from Anavatan Party in general elections of 24th December 1995 and entered the Parliament. After a short time, he was selected as Group Deputy Chairman and served as State Minister responsible of GAP (T.N. Turkish project in Southeastern Anatolia) in the 53rd Republic Government.

In 1996 AbülkadirAksu passed to Refah Party under the leadership of Prof. NecmettinErbakanas a conservative politician, which created a public expectation for him to continue his service in this party.

This expectation was fulfilled and AbdülkadirAksu resigned on the 16th of August 1996 from Anavatan Party and joined the Refah Party. In this party which was familiar to him he served as member of General Administrative Board and Vice General Director. After the Refah Party was closed by the Constitutional Court he joined the newly established Fazilet Party in the same political direction with his friends. Aksu continued his works in Fazilet Party as Vice General Director. In press conferences he organized in this period, he made explanations which aroused wide reactions in the public.

When the Fazilet Party was also closed by the Constitutional Court like previous parties established under the leadership of Prof. Erbakan he took part in the “Innovators” group within the party together with RecepTayipErdoğan.

Justice and Development Party (AK Parti) they established with his friends became focus of the public in a short time. It achieved a great success in 2002 elections and established the government on its own. AbdülkadirAksu who was one of the founders of the party was elected PM from Istanbul’s 3rd zone in general elections of 3 November 2002.

While he was Vice General Director responsible of AK Party local administrations he was reassigned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and continued his duty also in the 59th government established under the leadership of Erdoğan. Aksu, who left his duty on 7th May 2007 due to the Election Law, was re-elected as the Parliamentarian from Istanbul 3rd zone during 22nd July 2007 general elections and continued his works in the Parliament. He kept his high level representative positions as Vice General Director responsible of Political and Legal Issues, member of Central Administrative Board and Central Administrative Board of Decisions at AK Party. Aksu is married, has two children and four grandchildren. He speaks German.


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