Abdurrahman Şeref Güzelyazıcı

Din Bilgini, Eğitimci, Şair

23 Nisan, 1904
15 Mayıs, 1978
Darülfünun Faculty of Theology

Poet, religious scholar, educator (B. April 23, 1904, Petric/Thessaloniki- D. May 15, 1978, Istanbul). His father was Metric Teacher Ibrahim Adnan Efendi, and his mother Latife Hanim was the daughter of calligrapher and teacher Haci Ali Efendi. The surname Güzelyazıcı means "fine writer" and it came from his calligrapher grandfather. He started his education in Petric, with lessons received from Hodja Halil Efendi. His family migrated to Istanbul and then to Amasya in 1912 due to Balkan Wars. He went to Pendelli primary School and learned Qur'an from Ahmed Efendi, and mathematics from Yahya Efendi.

After a year, was located to Saray, town of Vize with his family as ‘’emigree/muhajir’’. He completed his primary school education at Saray Ayaspasa Primary School. At the age of four lost his father and at the age of nine his mother; so his brother Abdullah Hulusi Efendi became his guardian. Together with his brother and with his cousin Asim Bey they settled to Istanbul where he passed an examination and started with madrasah training. In 1924, he was first enrolled at Medicine School, but he had to quit due to monetary problems and began with Faculty of Theology. When he was a student there, he completed the librarian courses at Suleymaniye Library. During this time he received private lessons from important teachers. In particularly, benefited a lot from Foundations Minister Elmalili Kucuk Hamdi.

Some of his poems were published at faculty journals in those years. After compling Darülfünun Faculty of Theology in 1927 he appointed to Fatih Public Library, Pertev Pasa Section. Same year he got married, also started to work as a Turkish teacher at Istiklal High School and his duty at Faculty of Philosophy Education group. He has received a great support from his teachers Abduş Efendi and Nuzhet Efendi, both he had full respect to.

 After completing military service (1932), he began with his previous duties again and was appointed as a literature teacher at Hayriye Highschool. In 1935 move to Vefa High School and was also appointed at Murat Molla Library. His first daughter Hilal Cavidan was born 1934 and second daughter Ayse Zuhal was born 1936. He lost his daughter Hilal in 1936, and wife Hurmuz Hanim in 1937. The poem Yeter written after losing his daughter, the poetry book Mezar for his wife as a response to Abdulhak Hamid's Makber. After his sufferings, he was/ joined to Haci Hasib Efendi. He entered "halvet” (seclusion) with his brother at Ibrahim Vardar's house once, and also at another master's house. He started to concentrate on Mysticism Serezli Haci Abdullah Efendi was his master in Mysticism.

He was married again in 1940. Due to WW 2 called for military service from 1941 until 1943. After disbanding, he was appointed to Suleymaniye Library classification committee and started to teach Turkish at Zeyrek Secondary School. In 1948 started to teach religion at the Girls' Teacher School and continued his duty until 1962. He pioneered for the establishment of Imam Hatip schools with Celal Okten Hodja. When these schools started run he taught interpretation, Hadith and Islamic Law. In 1950 he appointed as orator and hademe-i hayrat auditor at Istanbul Mufti Directorate after that, transferred to expert orator position. He started to work as an Orator in Fatih Mosque in 1963 and continued as a honorary Orator until 1968. Became Istanbul Mufti in 1972 and continued with this job until his death. He also gave speeches at Iskender Pasa Mosque before tarawih prayer. Guzelyazici has represented Turkey at Islam Conference in Riyadh (1976) and presented a paper in Arabic on "Ictihad", which attracted attention. He was buried at Sakizagacı Cemetery, in Edirnekapı; close to his Sheikh Hasib Efendi. He had six children named Ali Siyami, Zühal, Latife, Emine Incıla, Yahya Tayfur, Kadriye Mina. 


POETRY: Eylül Yaprakları (Preface: Tahir Olgun, Gönül Yolcuları adlı şiir kitabı ile birlikte, 1938).

OTHER WORKS: İnanışımın Değişmez Metinleri (?), Din Dersleri (volume 1, 1957), Müminlere Hutbeler (2 volumes, 1970).

UNPUBLISHED WORKS: POETIC: Divan-ı Şeref, Bahar Dalları, Perişan Çiçekler, Ayna Kırıkları, Mezar (Makber’e nazire), Fani Gölgeler, Gönül Şafakları, Ayrılık Çiğdemleri.

PROSE: Cennatü’l İrfan fi Tefsirü’l Kur’an (5 cilt), Hakikat Meclisleri (sermons, 3 volumes), Livâü’l İslâm fi İlmi’l Kelâm (2 volumes), Ruh ve Söylentiler, Rüyalar - Tabirler, Rumuzü’l Ehadis, Nurgünler ve Geceler, Ongünler ve Geceler, Muhterem Aylar, Din Dersleri (2 volumes: İbadet ve Ahlak), Kırk Defa Kırk Hadis, Yasin Tefsiri, Ayetü’l Kürsi Tefsiri, Usul-ü Hadis, Hac Kitabı.

REFERENCE: A. Şeref Güzelyazıcı / Eylül Yaprakları (1938), Abdülaziz Bayındır / TDV İslâm Ansiklopedisi (v. 14, 1996).


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