Osman Karatay


Boğaziçi University Department of History

Journalist and writer (b. 1971, Çorum). He attended Çorum İnönü Primary School and graduated from Çorum Atatürk High School and Boğaziçi University, Department of History (1995). He received his master’s degreeat the Department of Medieval History with his study called Bosna Krallığı: Bağımsızlıktan Osmanlı Fethine Kadar Bosna (Kingdom of Bosnia: From Independence to the Ottoman Conquest, Bosnia, 2002). At Gazi University, Social Sciences Institute, he did his doctorate in the same department with his thesis Maveraünnehir Bulgarları Hakkındaki Rivayetlerin Tahlili (Analysis of Rumors about the Bulgarians of Maveraünnehir, 2005)

He started as a journalist at the newspaper Zaman in 1992. He was a columnist and wrote articles about socio-economics for the newspapers Hafta and then Gündüz from 1993 to 1995. His essays and articles about history have been published in different collaborative books and reviews such as Yeni Forum, Çerçeve, İzlenim, Avrasya Dosyası, Stratejik Analiz, Jeoekonomi, Yeni Türkiye, Folklor Edebiyat, Karadeniz Araştırmaları, Türk Dünyası Tarih Dergisi and Bilgi in addition to his translation works. He went to Seraglio-Bosnia as a representative of the Cihan News Agency in 1995. Karatay speaks English, Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian which means his works are concentrated on the Balkans and East Europe. After he returned to Turkey, he worked on a project of the Turkish Historical Society called Türkiye’nin Sosyal ve Kültürel Tarihi (The Social and Cultural History of Turkey). He had a part in the founding of the Eurasia Strategic Research Station and he was Chairman of the Department of Balkan Research from 1999 to 2000. Then he supervised the 37-volume project Türkler (The Turks), which was organized by the Yeni Türkiye Publishing Center and in which he wrote the sections En Eski Türk-Slav Dil İlişkileri (The Most Ancient Language Relations between Turkish and Slavic) and Hırvat ve Sırp göçlerinde Oğur ilgisi (The Ogur Connection in the Migration of Croats and Serbs). Furthermore, he concentrated on the problems of Çorum, especially urbanization, and produced two hundred and forty articles for the newspaper Çorum Hakimiyet. In 2002 he established Karem Publishing House in Ankara. In 2004 he started to publish a three-monthly academic review called Karadeniz Araştırmaları. In 2005 he began a large publishing project called Balkanlar El Kitabı (Handbook of the Balkans) with Bilgen A. Gökdağ. He has studied the vocabulary of Slav and Finn-Ugor, sometimes extending to Germen languages, as comparative to the Turkish language. In addition, he has studied the etymology of Turkish words.


Ba’de Harab’il Bosna (The Bosnian War, 1997), Kosova Kanlı Ova (Kosova Bloody Plain, 1998), Balkanların Gülen Çehresi (The Laughing Face of the Balkans, 1999), Hırvat Ulusunun Oluşumu: Erken Ortaçağ’da Türk-Hırvat İlişkileri (Formation of the Croat Nation: Relations between the Turkish and Croatian in the Early Middle Ages, 2000), Bosna-Hersek Barış Süreci (The Peace Process of Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2002), İran ile Turan: Hayali Milletler Çağında Avrasya ve Ortadoğu (Iran and Turan: Eurasia and the Middle East in an Age of Imaginary Nations, 2003), In Search of the Lost Tribe: The Origins and Making of the Croatian Nation (2003).

ANTHOLOGY: The Turks (with C. C. Oğuz ve H. C. Güzel, 6 volumes, 2002), Balkanlar El Kitabı (Handbook of Balkans, with B. A. Gökdağ, 2005).

In addition to these he has translated works and written essays in different collaborative books.




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